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What is Blog Trumpet?

Blogs provide a very effective channel of communication between businesses and customers. This inexpensive way of marketing drives traffic to websites, enhances inbound marketing efforts, and increases online visibility. While some brands opt for television and radio advertisements, blogging is proven to be an effective form of subtle promotion. Today's consumers no longer buy into blatant advertising, but instead, cling to recommendations they read online.

One tool that can help businesses in their blog efforts is Blog Trumpet, an India-based content writers' community powered by Blow Trumpet. Founded in 2011, this platform provides a new space for aspiring bloggers where they can monetize their creations or simply publish their opinions. It aims to provide creative, engaging, yet very personal blogs that will affect consumers' preferences. It is also dedicated to working with the highest standards of excellence and features only top-notch content to advertisers and marketers. Its website serves as a unique end-to-end platform where one can easily access both sides of the market–whether you're a content creator or a brand, company, or an agency in need of digital content.

Writers can quickly join Blog Trumpet's fun community by accessing the vendor's website to register their profiles. And to ensure quality and premium read options, registered profiles will be first reviewed and verified. During the qualifying process, they will be contacted and given a walkthrough about how the platform works and accepts registrations. Blog Trumpet does this to be able to deliver the commitment it has to its valued clients.  The smoothness of the entire process will depend on the authenticity of the writer's profile, nature of content, and of course, the throughput with the editorial team.

Benefits of Blog Trumpet

Easy-to-use platform

Blog Trumpet supports and empowers content writers. With its easy-to-use platform, you can immediately launch your career. You can register and join the community by simply visiting its website and filling up the registration form. After the registration process, your profile will be keenly reviewed and approved to ensure that only quality content and blogs will be featured on the website. But don't worry, as long as you have the passion for writing and, of course, an interesting profile, Blog Trumpet will be more than excited to welcome you onboard. Furthermore, by having a verified account, you can enjoy the platform's offers of unparalleled exposure, creating extraordinary partnerships between advertisers and creative bloggers.

Power your growth

"Student is to books as a content writer is to Blog Trumpet."  As this powerful platform lets you do what you do best, it also empowers your growth as a content writer. It is committed to helping bloggers discover their own genre and distinct style in writing while also equipping them to become the writer that exceeds readers' expectations and industry standards. The app features a very informative tab called "Tips and Tricks" that contains free helpful articles conducive for enhancing your skills as a writer.

Discover endless good reads

Blog Trumpet is an end-to-end platform for writers, advertisers, and, most significantly, casual readers that can improve brands' potential customers. The website offers over 30 categories of good and engaging reads, from architecture, health, to parenting and travel. So, if you're a business owner or an advertising agency that's on the lookout for a marketing platform with a high volume of traffic, then you might as well want to consider reaching out to the public through Blog Trumpet.

Blog Trumpet Software Features

  • Account management
  • Background orientation
  • Profile verification
  • "Tips and Tricks"

Blog Trumpet Integrations

  • Blogs

Blog Trumpet Software Pricing

Creating your account to write on Blog Trumpet's website is free. For more detailed pricing information (commissions), you can reach the vendor directly through email.

Blog Trumpet Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Blog Trumpet Prominent Customers

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Blog Trumpet Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Blog Trumpet Languages Supported

  • English

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