Smartfluence Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Smartfluence?

With marketing platforms costing companies practically an arm and a leg, a new entrant to the industry might find it challenging to catch up and pay for a marketing solution. Truth be told, businesses without professional help with their marketing steps in today's very competitive environment is like going through the eye of a needle. So, if you're a business owner who wants to subscribe to a marketing solution without breaking the bank, then Smarfluence might be the best option for you.

Founded by a team of economists and marketers, this software specializes in influencer marketing. This tool is the first one to come with a self-learning machine that can algorithmically connect brands and advertisers to social media influencers. Being an artificial intelligence-powered application, it uses a multifactor model that intelligently analyzes businesses' niche, operations, existing influencers, and similar larger brands. It can also determine your target audience and match them optimally with the right set of influencers. Smartfluence's algorithm is recursive and self-learning. So yes, as it continues to collect more data and conduct more transactions over time, making the efficacy of the model increases.

Furthermore, it helps its clients cope with the rapidly growing influencer marketing industry by focusing on "matching and pricing."  And unlike other current market solutions, Smartfluence offers tailored results and provides in-depth insights into online marketing campaigns.


Benefits of Smartfluence

Data-driven collaborations

Aside from the follower count, niche and field expertise must also be considered in choosing a brand ambassador for your campaign. With Smartfluence, you can search and collaborate with over 15,000 social media influencers through its AI-powered influencer discovery engine. It helps you find niche-specific and high ROI generating brand advocates from its carefully curated influencer network.

Seamless influencer discovery and outreach

Optimize your campaigns by working with influencers based on in-depth audience demographics and predictive analytics. Once you're done with prospecting, outreaching to those brand ambassadors will no longer be a time-consuming activity as the app lets you send messages and proposals straight from the platform.

Performance tracking

Are you using enough user-generated content that are impactful to your audience? Smartfluence lets you track the progress of your online campaigns so you can have a crystal clear view of how your influencers and their content collectively performed. It will then compare these metrics to other existing social media campaigns to give you a better understanding of your current positioning. On a holistic approach, the app can also analyze your social authority and compare it to those of your close competitors.

Smartfluence Software Features

  • Influencer discovery
  • Campaign management
  • Performance analytics
  • Influencer outreach
  • Data reports

Smartfluence Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Smartfluence Software Pricing

Platform Access - $250/month

  • Unlimited searches
  • 200+ influencer contacts
  • Full audience demographics
  • Predictive campaign management
  •  Influencer performance tracking

Influencer Management - $150/month

  • All Starter Package features
  • Unlimited influencer contacts
  • Dedicated influencer campaign strategists for selection, outreach, and execution
  • Custom influencer performance assessments
  • Optional Add-on: Facebook Ads + Instagram Feed Management

Agencies - custom pricing


Smartfluence Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Linux

Smartfluence Prominent Customers

  • Mcdonald's
  • Sunriver Botanicals
  • Botanic Choice

Problems That Smartfluence Solves

Smartfluence Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Smartfluence Languages Supported

  • English

Smartfluence Social Media Links

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