HitFilm Pro

What is HitFilm Pro?

HitFilm Pro is video editor, compositor, and visual effects software specially designed for professional video editors, filmmakers, and content producers. It combines traditional non-linear editing tools and visual effects compositing features so you can create Hollywood-grade scenes and graphics.

The platform's high-performance video-editing capabilities let users have enhanced video quality by utilizing various formats, resolutions, and frame rates. Additionally, the software allows users to import 3D models and animate 3D objects, as well as create scenes with 2D characters.

Because it is fully equipped with advanced rigging and animal tools, it can add motion to static shapes, images, and characters. You can now generate waveforms for audio visualization, apply behavior effects, and come up with sophisticated animations.

Benefits of HitFilm Pro

Break Boundaries

Break boundaries with HitFilm Pro regardless of your experience or skill level. This video editing software will work wonders for everything you do, whether it's a social media video or your first Hollywood film.

Create Amazing Content, Faster

With the software's 32-bit floating point color, 8k resolution, 2x faster exporting, and 8x faster playback, you can work at lightning speed using their ultra-fast technology. Say goodbye to all those lagging and waiting around. You have everything you need to create your best work from editing, animation, and audio tools. Now you can trim, copy, slice, and sync your way to perfection.

Professional Tools = Professional Results

Create dynamic edits with all the essential tools you need. The seamless shift from one scene to another with professional, ready-to-use transitions. Achieve perfect transition, text, or color grade in seconds using customizable presets. And access a library of professional stock footage, templates, music, and sound effects.

Stunning Visual Effects

You'll have all the visual effects you'll ever need such as lighting and lens flares, color grading and correction, motion tracking, and keying.

Puppet Tool

HitFilm Pro provides users a puppet tool to animate still shapes, images, and texts by applying natural motion graphics to them.

HitFilm Pro Software Features

  • Apply Animation Directly From The Editor
  • Smooth Audio Levels
  • Media Support
  • Preset And Custom Color Grades
  • Professional Visual Effects
  • Create In True 3D Space
  • Import 3D Animation
  • Built-In Rigging And Animation Tools
  • Composite In Linear Color Space
  • 360-Degree Video Filters
  • Planar Tracking And Corner Pinning
  • Doppler Shift
  • VFX Library
  • Puppet Tool
  • Audio Visualization
  • Behavioral Effects
  • Particle Simulations

HitFilm Pro Integrations

  • ActionVFX
  • Boris FX & Imagineer
  • Corridor Digital
  • Film Riot
  • Future Learn
  • Grass Valley
  • Lynda.com
  • Main Concept
  • NewBlueFX
  • Rampant Design Tools
  • Reallusion
  • Rocket Jump
  • Territory Studios
  • Westcott

HitFilm Pro Software Pricing

HitFim Pro is available at HitFilm’s web store in a single enterprise pricing plan of $299 (with no subscription fee). Upon purchasing the software, you get the following features:

  • 12 months of software updates
  • 12 months of technical support
  • Professional 3-Seat License – Run on 3 computers simultaneously

HitFilm Pro Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

HitFilm Pro Prominent Customers

Problems That HitFilm Pro Solves

HitFilm Pro Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted
  • API

HitFilm Pro Languages Supported

  • English

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