Nero Standard 2018

What is Nero Standard 2018?

Nero Standard 2018 is a comprehensive software suite designed for media management, disc burning, and backup. It combines user-friendliness with advanced features, making it suitable for both home and professional use. The software provides a range of tools for all media needs, including video and audio editing, disc authoring, and file conversion. Its interface is intuitive, allowing users to navigate easily and perform tasks efficiently. Nero Standard 2018 is ideal for individuals and businesses who want to manage their media files, create professional-grade discs, and back up important data.

Core features of Nero Standard 2018 include video and audio editing, with support for 4K video, disc authoring with support for a wide range of formats, and various templates for disc menus. The software can also be used for data backup and secure disc copying. 

Other features include file conversion, video capture and recording from external sources, and access to special effects and filters.

Benefits of Nero Standard 2018

Efficient Media Management

Nero Standard 2018 provides a range of tools for efficient media management. Its user-friendly interface allows users to organize and search their media files easily. The software also provides options for converting and compressing media files, enabling users to save space on their hard drives. With Nero Standard 2018, users can efficiently manage their media files, ensuring they are easily accessible and organized.

Professional-Grade Disc Authoring

Nero Standard 2018 offers professional-grade disc authoring capabilities, enabling users to create high-quality discs easily. The software includes a variety of templates for disc menus, allowing users to create visually appealing menus for their discs. With support for various formats, including Blu-ray and DVD, Nero Standard 2018 is an excellent tool for creating discs for personal or commercial use.

Advanced Editing Features

Nero Standard 2018 offers advanced editing features for both video and audio files. With support for 4K videos, users can easily edit and export high-quality videos. The software also provides a range of special effects and filters, enabling users to add a professional touch to their videos. Nero Standard 2018 also includes advanced audio editing tools, allowing users to edit and enhance audio files with ease.

Data Backup Capabilities

Nero Standard 2018 provides data backup capabilities, allowing users to create secure backups of their important files. With options for secure disc copying and data backup, users can protect their files from loss or damage. Nero Standard 2018's data backup capabilities ensure that important data is safe and secure, giving users peace of mind.

Nero Standard 2018 Software Features

  • Media management tools for efficient organization and search of media files
  • Support for converting and compressing media files
  • Professional-grade disc authoring with a variety of disc menu templates
  • Support for a wide range of disc formats, including Blu-ray and DVD
  • Advanced editing features for video and audio files
  • Support for 4K video editing
  • Range of special effects and filters
  • Audio editing tools for editing and enhancing audio files
  • Data backup capabilities, including secure disc copying and data backup
  • Video capture and recording from external sources
  • File conversion to different formats
  • Streamlined interface for easy navigation and task performance

Nero Standard 2018 Integrations

Nero Standard 2018 is a standalone software suite designed to provide a complete solution for media management, disc authoring, and backup. It only has one integration to offer:

  • Gracenote

Nero Standard 2018 Software Pricing

Free Trial

  • 15-day free trial version 

Nero Standard 2018 - $59.95

  • All features included

Nero Standard 2018 Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows

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Nero Standard 2018 Deployment

  • API

Nero Standard 2018 Languages Supported

  • English
  • Chinese
  • German

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