What is InfluencerDB?

InfluencerDB is the leading influencer marketing technology company in Europe. Its mission is to enable businesses of all sizes to succeed when working with influencers around the globe and their service, the Influencer Marketing Cloud is the solution that they have come up with. This world-class technology solution supports a company’s influencer marketing needs as it manages, measures, and optimizes influencer programs. The software can be specifically tailored to suit any business type or size, whether it’s an agency, a small business, and even an enterprise. 

Its headquarters is located in Cologne, Germany and also has a branch in New York. 

Benefits of InfluencerDB

Easily find the ideal influencers to collaborate with

The software lets users choose among the two options to build a proprietary database, either they build it from scratch or they opt to use the discovery module. Users can get access to InfluencerDB’s global database using the Find Influencers feature. They can also refine their search using the advanced filters namely, an influencer’s number of followers, like follower ratio, country language or category.

Review and analyze key metrics in one dashboard

Users can instantly learn about an influencer using the Media Metrics feature. It includes a follower growth graph wherein a timeline of an influencer’s following activities is measured. It will help detect inconsistencies as well as fraud or any suspicious behavior.

Get insights on an influencer’s audience at a glance

It is important to know whether an influencer speaks to an audience that will help a brand grow. The Quality Grade feature enables a user to evaluate whether an influencer’s audience reaches the brand’s target. Learn if the sponsored contents help in reaching KPIs.

Store and organize contacts efficiently with the Influencer Network

The Network feature is a powerful tool to manage contacts and information about a user’s current and potential partners and influencers. This database is designed to make information retrieval faster as a user can also add custom labels and generate lists to streamline team collaboration.

Manage campaigns from A-to-Z

The Campaigns feature enables users to have full control over a campaign execution from start to finish. A user can easily monitor and track every process including budget details, ROI calculations, and KPI targets. It is also available in real-time and it also provides data from archived campaigns.

InfluencerDB Software Features

  • Find Influencers (discovery module for global influencer database)
  • Media Metrics 
  • Quality Grade for Audience Estimations
  • Network for influencer relation management
  • Campaigns

InfluencerDB Integrations

InfluencerDB Software Pricing

The vendor does not publicly display its pricing plans. You have to go to its official website where you can also request a demo.

InfluencerDB Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

InfluencerDB Prominent Customers

  • Hello Fresh
  • Revolve
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • H&M
  • Daniel Wellington

Problems That InfluencerDB Solves

InfluencerDB Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise
  • API

InfluencerDB Languages Supported

  • English

InfluencerDB Social Media Links

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