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What is Shout Our Biz?

According to industry experts, if you want to achieve your marketing targets, you need to allocate at least 10 hours a week to your marketing efforts. That’s the minimum time frame where everything is supposed to go according to plan. Well, if this number scares you, maybe it’s high time that you seek professional help from automated marketing solutions. Besides, marketing shouldn’t be that exhausting.

With the rise of online opinion leaders, Shout, an influencer marketing platform, ensures that brands can utilize social media channels as a new space for their advertisements and promotions. It helps marketing teams save time and energy by automatizing various campaign processes. The app allows brands to search and filter out influencers so that they can rightfully select and collaborate with opinion leaders who are suited to their campaign goals. To ensure optimum prospecting, you can save a list of your pre-qualified influencers and discuss their profiles and follower data with your team. Influencer outreach will also be made easy and fast for you through the platform’s messaging tool that sends bulk email in a single click.

Benefits of Shout Our Biz

Authentic engagement

Influencer marketing solutions are indeed one of the fastest and most cost-friendly ways to reach out to millions of potential customers. However, the number of people your campaigns have reached doesn’t matter if you are not successful in converting them. With Shout, you can be sure that you are generating an authentic engagement rate. The platform creates exceptional collaborations between brands and niche influencers. It delivers your content to the audience who will find it all relevant, thus, increasing the chance of converting them to paying customers.

Pricing transparency

Some middlemen services charge massive markups. They can even earn more than your partner influencers can. Shout prevents that from happening. This powerful solution lets you contact and get in touch directly with your chosen brand ambassadors. In this way, you know that you are getting and paying for the best deals without any hidden charges or referral fees.

No to fake followers

Shout accurately analyzes and calculates the amount of engagement each influencer gets to make sure that your marketing funds don’t go to waste. Artificial intelligence powers the platform so you can thoroughly search and filter brand ambassadors. Moreover, it is the only influencer marketing tool that enables users to search by location. You can find influencers in your local city or county so that you can target audiences on the hyper-local level. It also provides you with access to each influencers’ audience data like age, interests, and gender statistics. It samples demographic data to ensure your campaign reaches your niche market.

Shout Our Biz Software Features

  • Faceted search tools
  • Faceted filter tools
  • Report exporting
  • Influencer outreach

Shout Our Biz Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Shout Our Biz Software Pricing

Shout’s pricing details are available upon request. You can reach the vendor directly through email.

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  • Adidas
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  • Visa
  • Volkswagen

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