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Angelica Blick’s Profile

Niche: Beauty
Country: Sweden

Who is Angelica Blick?

Angelica Blick (born on November 8, 1990) is an award-winning Instagram celebrity from Sweden who runs her own fashion and travel blog. She writes and shares photos and videos focusing on travel and fashion on social media. She has over a million followers on Instagram, and her followers love her makeup and hair styling tutorials. Some of her prominent collaborations are with MAC, Maybelline, and Bjorn Axen.

Angelica Blick’s Awards and Recognitions

  • “This year Blogrocket” from Vecko Revyn Blog Awards 2011
  • Vixen Award for “This year International blog” in Norway
  • “Best fashion blog of the year” from Finest Awards 2011
  • “Best dressed” award from Kanal 5 (Sweden)
  • “Chicest Blogger” from CHIC Award 2012
  • “Best Fashion Blog of the Year” from Vecko Revyn Blog Awards 2012
  • For the second time, she won “Best dressed” from Kanal 5 (Sweden)
  • “This year's best party dressed” from Finest Awards 2012
  • "Best Fashion blogger of the year” from VR Blog awards 2013
  • “Best international blog” from Vixen Awards 2013
  • “Best fashion blog of the year” from VR Blog Awards 2014

Angelica Blick’s Prominent Campaigns

Maybelline/Rock Nudes palette

Angelica Blick for Maybelline/Rock Nudes palette

Angelica loves giving out makeup tutorials, and this time, it was a collaboration with Maybelline featuring their Rock Nudes palette. This 12-shade eye shadow palette features heavy metal colors that deliver that rock and roll edge. It won't fail to give you that brooding, sultry, or daring look that you want, depending on your mood- it will deliver the smoky rock nude you're looking for. Maybelline has shades from maddening matte black to knock-out navy, bringing out your inner rockstar glow!


Angelica Blick for MAC Eye Shadow/Color Embark

Another makeup tutorial features Angelica getting all dolled up with MAC Eye Shadow Color Embark. This is a moderately cool-toned, dark brown having a matte finish. It is a permanent eyeshadow with a deep brown and subtle neutral-to-cool undertone. And for those wondering what the difference is between the Mac eyeshadow Kid and Malt, Kid is a light, tan shade, while the latter is a light tan leaning towards a pinker look. Basically, Kid is more neutral of the two.

Bjorn Axen

Angelica Blick with Bjorn Axen

Angelica also partnered with Bjorn Axen, using their hair mask for treatment. It is an intensely repairing and nourishing hair mask especially made for dry and damaged hair. The organic argan oil and nourishing minerals give your hair a deep treatment to hydrate, strengthen, and rebuild it without weighing it down. This leaves your hair feeling strong, hydrated, and full of shine. Furthermore, this product is Vegan and is dermatologically tested.


Angelica Blick’s Other Information


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