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Niche: Technology
Country: United States

Who is Mark Rober?

Aside from beauty, lifestyle, and fitness influencers, technology and science influencers have also dominated the social media landscape. Among these influencers is Mark Rober. He is an American engineer, educator, inventor, and YouTube influencer. 

Mark is famous for his YouTube content on do-it-yourself gadgets and popular science. However, before focusing on his career as an influencer, he worked as an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for nine years. He transferred to Apple Inc., where he worked for four years as a product designer in the Special Groups project. 

While at NASA, Mark often posted YouTube videos that went viral. In 2011, he made his first YouTube video showing a Halloween costume that creatively used two iPads to create the illusion of a gaping hole on his torso. The video has 12M views to date. 

The following year, Mark patented the viral costume and put up his own costume company specializing in Halloween costumes with the same novel concept as the viral one. Multiple news channels like CNN, CBS News, and Discovery Channel featured his costumes. 

Mark Rober contributed to the Men's Health magazine and gave a TEDx presentation on How to Come Up with Good Ideas

It was reported in 2018 that Mark was secretly working with Apple Inc. on its virtual reality projects. The project includes the company's self-driving cars' onboard entertainment. If it isn't enough, he starred on Discovery Channel's Revengineers. 

Mark's popularity helped him gain 24.6M followers on YouTube, 5.3M on Facebook, 3.1M on TikTok, 1.2M on Instagram, and 509K on Twitter. 

Mark Rober’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2022 12th Streamy Awards: Social Good Creator; Brand Engagement; Science & Engineering
  • 2022 26th Webby Awards: Webby Film & Video Person of The Year
  • 2021-2019 Streamy Awards: Learning and Education

Mark Rober’s Prominent Campaigns


Mark Rober for #TeamTrees
Source: The World

Mark Rober and MrBeast collaborated with other YouTubers worldwide on a project called #TeamTrees. The project aimed to raise $20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation by 2020, and the said foundation would plant a tree for a dollar raised in exchange. 


Mark Rober for #TeamSees
Source: Dexerto

Following #TeamTrees, Mark and MrBeast partnered for the #TeamSees project that strived to raise $33 million to clean the seas and beaches. And with the help of The Ocean Cleanup, they removed a pound of trash for every dollar donation. 

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