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Niche: Entertainment
Country: Spain

Who is Mikecrack?

Miguel Bernal Montes, more recognized by his online alias Mikecrack, is a Spanish gaming YouTube influencer, singer, and computer animator. Miguel is known for his animations, musical parodies, and Let's Play videos.

Miguel started his YouTube channel in 2009. Having studied at the Juan Tamariz magician school, he initially uploaded magic tricks content on his channel. He later ditched the channel to pursue the biomedical technology degree he earned in 2015.

He then moved to his current gaming channel and uploaded his first content in February 2016 while studying to earn his master's degree.

The influencer's channel primarily focuses on content related to Minecraft, aside from animated videos and musical parodies. A significant aspect of his YouTube content is Mike, a dog character similar to Jake The Dog in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

To help him expand his reach and grow his channel, Miguel formed the #LosCompas team of fellow Spanish YouTube influencers Timba Vk, Sparta356, and ElTrollino. The LosCompas team often records YouTube content together.

In 2021, Mikecrack surpassed 30 million subscribers and became Spain's third channel by subscriber count. Then in July 2023, he became the platform's must-subscribed Spanish YouTuber, overtaking Rubius.

As a striking feather on his cap, Forbes Spain included Mikecrack on its roster of top 100 influencers in 2023.

While he's earned a biomedical degree, Miguel has now transitioned to being a full-time social media content creator. Due to his persistence in making a name for himself, Mikecrack has earned over 41.8 million subscribers on YouTube, 6.5 million followers on TikTok, 1.2 million on Instagram, 435 thousand on Twitter, and 123 thousand on Facebook.

Mikecrack’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2020 Forbes Spain: Top 100 Influencers
  • 2020 and 2021 Streamy Awards: International, nomination

Mikecrack’s Prominent Campaigns

Caramella Girls Collaboration

Caramella Girls Collaboration
Source: Caramella Girls YT

Animated dance and music YouTube influencers Caramella Girls collaborated with Miguel on the latter's Diamantito 2 parody video of the former's song Caramelldansen. The song is fun and humorous, and their fans just enjoy it.

Mikecrack Y La Superarma Secreta

Mikecrack Y La Superarma Secreta
Source: Centro Niemeyer

The influencer's animated hit series on the mysterious story of Mike, the dog, will come to life in a live show full of endless adventures. The shows' dates, locations, and available tickets are on the influencer's website.

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