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Niche: Entertainment
Country: Mexico

Who is BoomSniper?

Mexican YouTube gaming influencer and content creator BoomSniper is a professional l Garena Free Fire player widely known for his Free Fire gameplay videos and several other gaming content. Furthermore, he is the leader of PlakataForce, a Free Fire gaming clan.

Sniper launched his YouTube channel on February 28, 2017. Since the time of launching, his channel has grown significantly, with over 540 videos and 1.2B views to date, making it one of the fastest-growing gaming channels on YouTube.

While Sniper is now known for his Garen Free Fire videos, he started his channel by uploading gameplay of a typical PC game called Bullet Force. It was the influencer's first-ever video on YouTube.

Then, in March 2018, Sniper played Free Fire for the first time and uploaded his gameplay on YouTube. Since then, he focused on playing Free Fire, making it the primary content of his channel. As he started seeing exponential growth on his channel, Sniper decided to stick with making Free Fire videos and became famous from there.

His first Free Fire gameplay, "ESTA ES LA VERDAD DE PORQUE ME FUI! - REGRESON CON FREE FIRE," acquired 278K views as of September 2023. Two of his other Garena Free Fire videos have over 15M views.

There isn't much information on Sniper's personal and family life, and he doesn't fully reveal his face online. Nonetheless, he became one of Mexico's top-ranking gaming influencers with an estimated net worth of $100,000 to $200,000.

BoomSniper is, without a doubt, a successful online personality and professional gamer. His gaming skills and techniques earned the support of 8.6M subscribers on YouTube, 637K followers on TikTok, 531K on Instagram, and 43.9K on Twitter.

BoomSniper’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2023 Amra & Elma: 150 Top YouTube Gaming Influencers

BoomSniper’s Prominent Campaigns

NimoTV Mexico Collaboration and Giveaway

NimoTV Mexico Collaboration and Giveaway
Source: Official Twitter Account

NimoTV is a platform for live streaming that collaborated with BoomSniper on their launching in Mexico. To encourage his followers and subscribers to download and create an account on NimoTV, BoomSniper hosted a NimoTV live stream and iPhone giveaway.

The YouTube gaming influencer does not have much of a campaign or collaborations with brands and other influencers.

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