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Daniel Kordan’s Profile

Niche: Beauty
Country: Afghanistan

Who is Daniel Kordan?

Daniel Kordan is a renowned landscape photographer and travel influencer. His passion for travel and photography inspired him to share his vision and the world's wonders with his followers. The photographer grew up in a town in Russia surrounded by picturesque landscapes and beautiful nature. His childhood fostered his love for nature.

Furthermore, he shares his photography skills through workshops and online masterclasses. Because of his incredible talent for the arts, Daniel Kordan scored partnerships with major brands, such as the camera giant Nikon.

Daniel Kordan amassed 1.9 million followers on Instagram, 221 thousand on Facebook, over 3,700 on YouTube, and 2,406 on TikTok. Based on the number of followers, we can tell that his primary social media network is Instagram. 

Daniel Kordan’s Awards and Recognitions

  • National Geographic Photo Contest 2023 (winner)
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit Award
  • Canarian Photo Awards 2023 (nomination)

Daniel Kordan’s Prominent Campaigns

Gitzo x Daniel Kordan

Gitzo x Daniel Kordan
Source: Gitzo

Gitzo is a camera accessories brand that collaborated with the influencer photographer. Kordan is the official ambassador of Gitzo. He brings his sturdy Gitzo tripod and Gitzo Adventury camera bag wherever he goes. As a landscape photographer, Kordan claims that his rock-solid Gitzo tripod is his most reliable photo buddy for the roughest conditions, especially during hiking adventures. 

Nikon x Daniel Kordan

Nikon x Daniel Kordan
Source: Gitzo

Kordan is an official Nikon ambassador. He often uses Nikon D810, D810A plus 14-24, 24-70, and 80-200mm lenses. He uses a 400mm f/2.8 lens for wildlife photography, plus an L-plate and nodal slide rail for panoramas.

Furthermore, he worked on multiple projects with Nikon, including a yachting expedition called Two Poles. The campaign involves traveling from Saint Petersburg to Antarctica via the Norwegian Archipelago of Svalbard and Greenland.



Another one of Kordan's brand partnerships is with LucrOit. One of their campaigns together includes a photography workshop in 2019. LucrOit hosted a photography workshop with Kordan and several other photographers on the northern coast of Spain. The workshop involved chasing pretty views, sunsets, sunrises, delicious food, and lectures from some of the world's best photographers.

Daniel Kordan’s Other Information


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