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Denis’ Profile

Real Name: Denis Kopotun
Known As: Roblox YouTuber
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Jun 5, 1996 (Age, 27 years old)
Country: Canada

Who is Denis?

Denis Kopotun aka Denis or DenisDaily is a Canadian Gamer and YouTuber. He was born on June 5, 1996, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. There he was raised until his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and finally Vancouver Canada. He lives together with his older brother and younger sister.

His YouTube Channel has over 9.36 million subscribers. He became famous for his Roblox videos and his cheerful, easygoing personality. He used to be part of the now-disbanded YouTuber group known as The Pals. Denis used to be one of the most-subscribed Roblox YouTubers together with Flamingo and GamingWithKev.

Originally, however, he owned a channel known as KongoBoom and created Minecraft videos. But later on, he let go of KongoBoom and met Alex, Sub, and Sketch. Together they created The Pals channel. Apart from YouTube, Dennis has 254K Instagram followers and 566.6K Twitter followers. Some of his prominent campaigns are with Roblox and Google Play. He also has his own online merchandise store where you can purchase your favorite DenisDaily stuff.

Denis’ Awards and Recognitions

Denis’ Prominent Campaigns


Denis for Roblox

In one of his YouTube unboxing videos, Denis featured the Roblox Bundle Toy Box that Roblox sent him in the mail. Inside he got several Roblox figures which included the Spooky Halloween Roblox toy, Mr. Bling Bling, little surprise figures to collect, and the Matt Dusek Roblox toy. Matt Dusek is a world-famous Roblox user who used to be the Technical Director and Chief Architect at Roblox from 2006-2019.

Google Play

Denis for Google Play

Denis also has his own app that can be found on the Google Play Store called Cats&Cosplay. This is a video game where players will destroy evil and other disgusting creatures so they can get to the big boss of it all, Sir Meows A lot's evil clone.

Denis Merch

Denis Merch

Denis also has his own official merch store where fans can purchase all their Denis items. Everything from plush toys to boxes like Sir Meows A Lot Box, Graffiti Box, Denis School Stationary Box, school supplies like a Graffiti Lunchbox, Denis Laptop Stickers, and Sketched Backpack. There is also apparel, like shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and caps, and other accessories like plush slippers, mugs, posters, and many more!


Denis’ Other Information


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