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Niche: Beauty
Country: Spain

Who is Jessie Chanes?

Jessie Chanes was born on January 7th, 1989, and early on became interested in fashion as a child. Jessie watched numerous fashion events and catwalks and devoted hours upon hours of research into Swedish and American fashion websites. She chose to put this intense love aside and attend the University of Malaga to study psychology. And it was in 2011 when she started her own blog called "Seams for a Desire" that her life really began to change. She became a fashion blogger and one of the first to turn her interest into a career.

As a result of her extensive career, consistent growth over the years, and multiple gigs for well-known businesses, Jessie is currently regarded as one of the most important influencers in her country. She now has a well-known Instagram account where, through her sense of style and aesthetics, has been able to capture the attention of over 330K Instagram followers who eagerly await her beauty and lifestyle advice, daily outfit posts, and candid photos of her spending time with her family. Some of her prominent collaborations are with Max Factor, Zara, and Givenchy Beauty.

Jessie Chanes’ Prominent Campaigns

Max Factor

Jessie Chanes for Max Factor

Jessie is the perfect model to demonstrate how gorgeous this product looks after application. With Max Factor's Color Elixir Soft Matte Lip Color, you may choose comfort and hydration without having to make a sacrifice. The ultra-lightweight and airy texture gives the appearance of bare lips and creates a lovely powder matte finish for softly blurred lips. The lip color's lightweight waxes and oils give it a moisturizing feel, and its ultra-fine pigments flex with your lips to hide flaws. It is available in 8 gorgeous colors.


Jessie Chanes for Zara

Basic shirts are a constant in Jessie's wardrobe and in her looks. She relates best with white shirts, just like this white camisa from Zara. It looks perfect with your good old jeans. Thus, Jessie can't have enough of these, and always has a favorite for every season. When she's travelling, she can't be without at least two of them since they can go with anything. They also serve as a great option if you need an alternative to what you're wearing.

Givenchy Beauty

Jessie Chanes for Givenchy Beauty

Jessie is also proud to have partnered with Givenchy Beauty. From powerful rouge to delicate nudes, their cutting-edge lipsticks are made for every shade you can think of. Take the Le Rouge Deep Velvet Matte Lipstick, for instance. This is their best-selling lightweight matte lipstick, which is a highly pigmented, longwearing formula. Their product guarantees to deliver bold color for up to 12 hours!

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