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LankyBox’ Profile

Full/Real Name: Justin "Justie" Kroma and Adam James McArthur
Known As: Comedy Duo
Niche: Entertainment
Country: United States

Who is LankyBox?

LankyBox is an entertainment and gaming YouTube channel launched and managed by the American comedy duo Adam James McArthur and Justin "Justie" Kroma. The channel is famous for its gameplay videos and zero-budget remakes of popular music videos and movie scenes.

The duo's zero-budget parodies are one of the primary reasons behind their success as YouTubers. In these parodies, they recreate music videos using zero-budget props and have since stopped making this content because of YouTube's copyright laws. However, that didn't stop them, as they now recreate scenes from movies and TV shows. This segment from their channel involves props like construction paper as background or chip bags as hair.

Aside from their parodies, Justin and Adam upload Guess The Price videos where the influencers test various products and guess the price of each product. The winner plays the wheel of mystery games, where their fans decide on the games to be placed on the wheel. They also have the Animated Stories series, where they tell a story of their past in animated form.

Their Noob vs. Pro vs. Hacker videos were a series they often uploaded in 2021. The series shows the duo playing a game, starting as a noob, becoming a pro, and finally finishing as a hacker or expert.
In their videos, Adam portrays himself as the more reserved and less quirky personality, while Justin is outgoing and quirky, known for his witty puns and alter-egos.

The duo hired four Roblox developers to work on LankyBox Simulator, their official Roblox game. They got their money's worth because, in 2022, the game had over 11 million visits.

The popular duo now boasts 28.1M subscribers on YouTube, 10M followers on TikTok, 657K on Facebook, 70.5K on Instagram, and only 400 on Twitter.

LankyBox’ Awards and Recognitions

  • Bloxy Awards Nomination
  • Diamond Creator Award

LankyBox’ Prominent Campaigns

Miraculous Ladybug Collaboration

Miraculous Ladybug Collaboration
Source: Official IG

The popular animated series Miraculous Ladybug collaborated with the influencers for a collection of plushies and apparels. The collection launched on August 31, 2023.

SpongeBob Collaboration

SpongeBob Collaboration
Source: Official Facebook

Most of the influencers' partnerships are on their merchandise. In 2022, the influencers launched their limited edition SpongeBob x LankyBox collection. The collection featured seven new plushies plus an exclusive Gary plushie that went with the SpongeBob bundle.

LankyBox’ Other Information

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