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MikelTube’s Profile

Full / Real Name: Mikel
Known As: Internet Personality
Niche: Entertainment
Country: Spain

Who is MikelTube?

MikelTube is a popular entertainment and gaming YouTube influencer from Spain. His YouTube content is comedic, light, and family-friendly, so viewers of all ages may patronize his videos. He mostly posts DIYs, challenges, and event videos on his YouTube channel.

The Spanish influencer launched his YouTube channel on August 30, 2015, with over six billion views and 900 uploaded videos to date. Two of his most famous videos, "Leo construye su Castillo de Carton!" and "Construimos un barco de plástico casero con material reciclado," gained 55 million and 46 million views. The first YouTube video shows Mikel and his influencer younger brother, Leo, building a makeshift castle, sword, and shields with used boxes. The video shows how they built the castle and what they did from start to finish.

The second video is another one of their many DIY videos, and it shows their genius boat floater made of plastic bottles. Aside from uploading engaging content, Mikel's channel shows how to reinvent, recycle, or upcycle ready materials to avoid waste.

Aside from being a full-time entertainment content creator with his family, MikelTube also authored a children's book titled "MikelTube y la brújula del destino," narrating the adventures of Mikel, Cole, and Leo.

There is only very little public information on Mikel and his family. Regardless, the influencer rose to social media stardom and amassed 9.06M subscribers on YouTube, 1.4M followers on TikTok, 107K on Instagram, 33K on Facebook, and 2.1K on Twitter.

Mikel's family also runs two other popular YouTube channels— LeoTube and FamilyTube—with 3.95M and 3.09M subscribers. All their channels are family-friendly and engaging, making them one of the best creators to watch with the entire family.

The influencer's family is active on social media and is mostly present on each other's channels.

MikelTube’s Prominent Campaigns

iRobot Spain Collaboration

iRobot Spain Collaboration
Source: Official IG Account

Vacuum robot brand iRobot Spain teamed up with the influencer for its ROOMBA S9+ vacuum launch and a ROOMBA Combo j7 giveaway where three lucky winners brought home a Combo j7 vacuum robot.

Sony PlayStation Partnership

Sony PlayStation Partnership
Source: Official IG Account

MikelTube, along with its family, partnered with Sony PlayStation 5 for a massive giveaway, where winners earned a Tadeo Jones 3 blu ray film, Tadeo Jones: The Emerald Table PS5 or PS4 video game, and their very own Play Station 5 gaming console.

MikelTube’s Other Information

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