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Who is Naomi Davis?

Parenting influencer and blogger Naomi Davis, of NYC has been writing at Love Taza for a long time. Naomi updates her devoted social media fans on her life in the Upper West Side with her husband, Josh, and their now-five children. When Davis was a young newlywed living in New York in 2007, she launched Love Taza (Taza is a nickname). Over a decade later, she is raising 5 children and an online store with an entire area dedicated to affiliate connections to her favorite products, mostly clothing and décor items that are quirky in style. Her most notable collaborations are with eko, Let’s Playground and Harper Horizon. She has 102.5K followers on Pinterest and 16K subscribers on YouTube.

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Naomi Davis for Eko

Love Taza blogger Naomi Davis, a mother of five, takes you into her world of raising five kids in New York City and lets you become the creator. This happened when she collaborated with Create With Me, an eko interactive series.

The pioneer of choice-driven entertainment, eko creates interactive video that allows users to alter storylines in real-time. For audiences who value control, exploration, and experience, eko collaborates with some of the most talented independent creators and storytellers in the world to co-create interactive narratives. With choice-driven entertainment, you are in control of your favorite programs. You can download the eko app for iPhone or Android to experience eko anytime, anywhere, and take control of your destiny. Possibly just the creator of your own stuff, then!

Let's Playground

Naomi Davis for Let's Playground

Naomi also collaborated with Let's Playground, a company that makes wonderful clean-up-able play mats. In their partnership with Naomi Davis of Love Taza, they came up with 4 adorable patterns. The art shoot was fantastically directed and styled, and easily one of her favorite projects. And because you work with a brand that's truly familiar, it's easier to get behind it and design for.

Harper Horizon

Naomi Davis for Harper Horizon

Love Taza creator Naomi Davis has at last written a book on her experiences with marriage, parenthood, friendship, and family. Naomi demonstrates to readers how to disregard the noise that prevents you from living with purpose, look for the bright side, and concentrate on creating a life you enjoy by sharing her relatable stories in the lovable, personal style that millions have grown to adore.

In this collection of brand-new, raw, and intimate pieces, Naomi examines what it's like to be a wife, how to raise five kids, and how to live a purposeful life. In A Coat of Yellow Paint, Naomi addresses being a wife, parenting five kids, and leading an intentional life in a series of brand-new, sensitive, and intimate pieces.

Harper Horizon is a brand-new nonfiction imprint with a base in Nashville, Tennessee, that aims to develop connections with writers who are actively trying to improve the world and who will motivate and inspire readers to take action to better their own lives and communities.

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