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PDK Films’ Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: United States

Who is PDK Films?

Paul David Kousky, aka PDK Films, was born on November 28, 1996. This American YouTuber is best known for creating Nerf war videos. He has over 18 million YouTube subscribers and is the largest Nerf-related channel on YouTube to date. PDK Films are considered the pioneers of the Nerf-war video genre. Originally, PDK Films uploaded Nerf war videos but eventually started uploading First-Person Shooter videos, also known as Nerf FPS. They have also done unboxing and reviewing videos.

Their Nerf Olympic videos generated 40.6 million total views. PDK Films also uploads some real-life versions of games and movies like Nerf War: Fortnite Battle Royale and Nerf War: Snipers vs Thieves, among others. Some of his prominent collaborations are with NERF, SUMO, and Coca-Cola. Apart from YouTube, he has 25K Instagram followers, 385K TikTok followers, and 140K Facebook followers.

PDK Films’ Prominent Campaigns


PDK Films for Nerf

Even though the PDK Films YouTube channel is filled with NERF battle videos, they say they are not affiliated with the NERF company at all. However, when they reached their 13 million subscriber count, this NERF battle was sponsored by NERF Superblast. In their NERF battle videos, they customize and modify all their NERF blasters to make them more enjoyable for their viewers.


PDK Films for Sumo

PDK Films also has a long-standing relationship with Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chairs. They have a selection of luxurious and top-of-the-line Bean Bags that are on par with excellence. These bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the super comfortable and accommodating Omni to the colossal Maximus and Titanium Bean Bags. They also have a huge selection of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes to fit every consumer's need.


PDK Films for Coca-Cola

PDK Films also partnered with Coca-Cola in one of his TikTok videos, showing (jokingly) how easily everything could be fixed by drinking Coke! Coca-Cola is not the first brand to put its bets on YouTube superstars like PDK Films. For instance, Superdrug teamed up with vlogger Zoella when they launched a beauty range. When they did this, the retailer said the range broke sales records, and their website got twice as many visitors as normal, with 25% of the total visitors going straight to Zoella's landing page.

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