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Who is The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists, also known as Game Theory, is a YouTube channel consisting of global employees called the Team Theorist. This popular YouTube channel is created and managed by the YouTube influencer Matthew Robert Patrick or MatPat.

The channel focuses on decoding, analyzing, and formulating theories on different video games, including Five Nights at Freddy’s, Minecraft, Bendy and The Ink Machine, and Mario and Super Smash Bros. This channel also operates on GTLive, The Style Theorists, The Food Theorists, and The Film Theorists channels.

As its name suggests, the channel looks into video game theories and backgrounds. MatPat collaborated with other renowned influencers in the gaming industry, including Markiplier, TheJWittz, and The Warp Zone.

Before becoming a YouTuber, MatPat was a performer and aspired to be a director. He uploaded clips of his theater show auditions and performances on his initial channel. He stopped uploading content in 2009 and went on a hiatus. MatPat returned to YouTube in April 2010 and officially announced the launching of his Game Theory series and The Game Theorists channel.

MatPat and The Game Theorists amassed 17.8M subscribers on YouTube, 5.5M followers on Twitter, 1.2M on Instagram, 925.8K on TikTok, and 3.5K on Facebook.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 12th Shorty Awards: Non-Profit “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital & The Game Theorists, Giving Tuesday Livestream” (Bronze Honor)
  • 9th Shorty Awards: Gaming – MatPat, finalist
  • 2019 Streamy Awards: Best Gaming Channel

The Game Theorists Prominent Campaigns

The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge

Source: Official YT Channel

MatPat and his wife Stephanie hosted their charity livestream — The Game Theory $1,000,000 Challenge. The charity aimed to raise a million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s lifesaving mission. They have hosted three charity live streams, with the first raising $3.1 million to help stop childhood cancer and other diseases. The 10-hour event featured multiple famous influencers, including Safiya Nygaard, Mark Rober, Markiplier, and Marques Brownlee, to name a few. 

Paramount Sponsorship

Source: Official IG Account

Giant film producer Paramount Pictures collaborated with MatPat to promote the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie that came out on August 2. On the promotion, MatPat laid down the various tools each ninja used and encouraged his followers to watch the video to find out which TMNT tool could best defeat the enemy. 

MatPat and his The Game Theorists channel have multiple campaigns, collaborations, and sponsorships, as shown on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

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