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Amber Fillerup Clark’s Profile

Real Name: Amber Fillerup Clark
Niche: Beauty
Date of Birth: May 9, 1990 (Age, 34 years old)
Country: Afghanistan

Who is Amber Fillerup Clark?

Amber Fillerup Clark is a prominent social media influencer who gained fame through her various online platforms. She started her journey as a college student facing financial struggles in Provo, Utah. However, her life took a significant turn, and at the age of 26, she rose to become an internet sensation and a relatable influencer.

Amber's main social media channels include Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and her personal blog. On Instagram, she has amassed an impressive following of 1.3 million loyal fans. Her YouTube channel boasts 227,000 subscribers, where she shares video content to engage her audience further. Her Snapchat account offers more intimate and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life. Additionally, she attracts 250,000 monthly readers to her personal blog, where she shares detailed diary-like entries and other content.

Amber Fillerup Clark's niche revolves around lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Her golden locks, slender figure, and wholesome femininity resonate with many followers, making her a sought-after influencer for brands seeking promotion.

She has effectively positioned herself as a relatable friend to her audience, building a high level of trust, which in turn has led to collaborations with various companies. Her brand "Barefoot Blonde Hair" is another successful venture, showcasing her entrepreneurial skills alongside her influential online presence.

Amber Fillerup Clark’s Awards and Recognitions

Amber Fillerup Clark’s Prominent Campaigns


Amber Fillerup Clark with Dae

In her collaboration with her own haircare line, Amber Fillerup Clark, the renowned lifestyle and beauty influencer, showcased her hairstyling prowess using Dae Hair's innovative hair products. Through engaging and visually stunning content, Amber demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of Dae Hair's offerings, captivating her audience with beautiful hairstyles and insightful tutorials. The campaign not only elevated Dae Hair's brand visibility but also solidified Amber's status as a trusted authority in the haircare industry.


Amber Fillerup Clark with Etsy

Amber Fillerup Clark's partnership with Etsy, the popular online marketplace for unique and handmade goods, highlighted her creative flair and love for personalized products. The campaign saw Amber curating a collection of her favorite Etsy finds, ranging from custom-made jewelry and home decor to stylish fashion pieces. Through her promotion, Amber encouraged her followers to discover and support talented artisans and small businesses on Etsy, fostering a sense of community and encouraging a more conscious approach to shopping.

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Dae Hair:

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