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Typical Gamer’s Profile

Full / Real Name: Andre Rebelo
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Mar 23, 1992 (Age, 32 years old)
Country: Canada

Who is Typical Gamer?

Andre Rebelo, popularly known online as Typical Gamer, is a YouTube gaming influencer from Canada. He is well-known for his live gaming streams and Fortnite content. This influencer has been playing Fortnite since its pre-release.

Andre created his first YouTube channel on August 25, 2008, and his second channel, TG Plays, on March 3, 2020. Like almost every other YouTube influencer, Andre has a wide range of content on his primary channel, mostly live streams of various video games. His second channel, though, is dedicated to all things Fortnite. So, TG Plays is the best choice for viewers wanting to view Fortnite live stream recordings or gameplays.

Aside from his YouTube channels, the influencer also manages TG Shorts, his YouTube Shorts channel where he uploads snippets and clips from his live-stream sessions.

Typical Gamer is Andre's primary channel, where he consistently uploads content and daily live streams. The content in this channel is mostly one to four hours of Fortnite live streams and walkthroughs of storyline games and campaigns.

Andre found huge success at what he did. In fact, he is the first YouTuber to hit 10 million subscribers with only live-stream content. While he usually plays solo, he sometimes collaborates with other players, including his girlfriend, Samara Redway.

Some of the other games Andre plays include Call of Duty, Fall Guys, Gotham Knights, Among Us, Grand Theft Auto, Marvel's Avengers, Marvel's Spider-Man, Minecraft, Need for Speed, Rocket League, and Rogue Company.

Typical Gamer's popularity allowed him to accumulate 13.7M subscribers on his first YouTube channel and 6.73M on the second. Furthermore, he has 1.9M followers on TikTok, 1M on Twitter, 800K on Facebook, and 721K on Instagram.

Typical Gamer’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 15th Annual Shorty Awards: YouTube Partnership - #GamerVsWorld

Typical Gamer’s Prominent Campaigns

State Farm Gamerhood Challenge 2023

State Farm Gamerhood Challenge 2023
Source: Typical Gamer Instagram Account

The State Farm Gamerhood Challenge involves different influencers in multiple challenges. In one of the latest challenges, Andre's team won $100,000 for their chosen charity, Feeding America. What a great way for gamers to come together and work hand-in-hand for the benefit of others.

eBay Collaboration

eBay Collaboration
Source: Typical Gamer Instagram Account

Both Andre and his girlfriend Samara were featured in an eBay ad for Xbox and other gadgets. The two can be seen having fun playing with an Xbox.

Typical Gamer’s Other Information


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