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Rachel Levin’s Profile

Real Name: Rachel Claire Levin
Known As: American YouTuber and Singer
Niche: Beauty
Date of Birth: Feb 24, 1995 (Age, 29 years old)
Country: United States

Who is Rachel Levin?

Rachel Levin, aka Rclbeauty101, is an American beauty and fashion influencer and entrepreneur widely known for her flawless face, beautiful figure, and engaging social media content. 

Rachel is born to a doctor father and a lawyer mother. However, she did not take after their professions, as she pursued a career in content creation. 

The beauty guru kickstarted her career as an influencer at 15 by posting her first-ever video, "How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles," a makeup tutorial. Rachel admittedly created YouTube content as a hobby, but it eventually grew and she made a name for herself in the YouTube beauty community.

Aside from makeup tutorials, the influencer frequently uploads comedy skits and DIY videos. Her first comedy skit, "Back to School Expectations vs. Reality!" gained 25.7 million views in 2016. 

As if becoming social media famous isn't enough of an achievement, Rachel pursued business by launching her makeup brand RCLO Cosmetics, in 2020. In the same year, she started her career in the music industry, debuting her first single, "Myself," and released her second single, "My Way," two years later. 

All props to her great content and popularity; she now has an epic subscriber count of 14.4M on YouTube, 4.4M followers on Instagram, 3.2M on Twitter, 2M on Tiktok, and 320K on Facebook. 

Rachel Levin’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 People's Choice Awards: Beauty Influencer - nomination
  • 2016 Shorty Awards: YouTube Guru - nomination
  • 2016 Streamy Awards: YouTube Beauty Guru - nomination
  • 2015 ZEFR: Top Social Media Influencer Under 21

Rachel Levin’s Prominent Campaigns

Experience Abu Dhabi Global Campaign

Experience Abu Dhabi Global Campaign
Source: Instagram

Abu Dhabi has been exerting efforts to boost its tourism by tapping multiple influencers to post content on the best things and places in the country. Rachel is among the lucky influencers sponsored to tour around Abu Dhabi and post the best sights and spots on their social media handles.

Batiste Collaboration

Batiste Collaboration
Source: Instagram

Hair care brand Batiste collaborated with Rachel to advertise their products. The brand currently offers overnight dry shampoo, hair mask, and texturizing dry shampoo products. 

Rachel Levin’s Other Information


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