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Niche: Entertainment
Country: United States

Who is Becky G?

Becky G is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter with Latin roots. She commenced her career in the music industry in 2009 upon joining the girl group G.L.A.M.

Beck G's career kickstarted when Dr. Luke, a renowned music producer, noticed her YouTube remake of Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Otis." He signed her on a label, and since then, Becky G uploaded multiple remakes and covers on her official YouTube account, formerly known as @BeckyGOfficial (now @beckyg). 

Besides her singing career, she has scored some major collaborations with multiple brands and launched a beauty brand called Treslúce Beauty. Becky launched her brand to celebrate her Latina heritage and create a beauty space for the Latin community. 

The singer has a solid subscriber count of 21.3 million on YouTube, 37.3 million on Instagram, 22.2 million on TikTok, 19 million on Facebook, and 4.4 million on Twitter.

Becky G’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards: Best New Artist
  • 2020 American Music Awards: Favorite Female Latin Artist
  • 2021 American Music Awards: Favorite Female Latin Artist
  • 2022 Allure Best of Beauty Awards: Treslúce Beauty - Best Waterproof Eyeliners
  • 2023 Billboard Women in Music: Impact Award

Becky G’s Prominent Campaigns

SKIMS' Bra Campaign

SKIMS’ Bra Campaign
Source: NYLON

Kim Kardashian's lingerie and shapewear brand launched a bra campaign that partnered with numerous powerful women across time and age. Becky G, among other celebrities and women, posed in her SKIMS bra in a series of beautiful photos. The campaign is the brand's vow to provide ageless bra designs for all women, regardless of lifestyle and cultural background. 

Pepsi's Fizz to Life

Pepsi's Fizz to Life
Source: Brandcom

Pepsi's Fizz to Life global campaign starred the best football and music personalities, including Leo Messi, Jadon Sancho, Paul Pogba, Shanice Van De Sandem, Burna Boy, and Becky G. The campaign meant to show support for the UEFA Champions League and both Becky G and Burna Boy created the campaign's music track Rotate

IPSY's Glam Bag X

IPSY's Glam Bag X
Source: Refinery29

Becky G was one of IPSY's Glam Bag X curators in November 2022. Her GBX curation features bold products as well as her absolute staples. Through her curation, she spilled the beauty secrets she's learned from the powerful women in her family who came before her.


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