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Bretman Rock’s Profile

Niche: Beauty
Country: United States

Who is Bretman Rock?

Born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii, Bretman Rock is the standard of numerous aspiring content creators. While there are many ways to describe Bretman, the most befitting description we can ever give him is "authentic." This influencer has built his entire empire on pure authenticity, and that authenticity eventually brought him to greater heights.

The breakthrough in his career is his makeup tutorials. His fame, especially on Instagram, was instant and unexpected, so much so that the platform temporarily disabled his Instagram account. Although, he already started uploading makeup videos when he was still of wee age.

Bretman Rock currently enjoys 18.7 million Instagram, 15.6 million TikTok, 8.87 million YouTube, 5.4 million Twitter, and 4.3 million Facebook followers. 

Bretman Rock’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2021 MTV Awards: Breakthrough Social Star
  • 2021 YouTube Streamy Awards
  • 2019 E! People's Choice Award: Beauty Influencer

Bretman Rock’s Prominent Campaigns

Nike's Be True - Proudly in Motion Campaign

Nike’s Be True – Proudly in Motion Campaign
Source: MYX Global

The renowned sports brand Nike launched the "Be True" campaign to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and love in sports. Bretman was one of the faces of that campaign. As per the influencer, strength knows no gender. 

Bretman x Curology

Bretman x Curology
Source: WWD

For his first-ever skincare collaboration, Bretman Rock partnered with Curology. A fellow Asian-American Curology member placed Bretman on the partnership and made the collab powerful and more inclusive than it already is.

Bretman Rock x DIME Optics

Bretman Rock x DIME Optics
Source: MR

The social media influencer officially ventured into the fashion space with an eyewear line and campaign in partnership with DIME Optics in 2020. The collection featured six styles of eyewear in blue-light and polarized lenses. The fashion campaign was accompanied by stunning portraits of Bretman recreating famous artworks, such as The Scream by Munch and Pearl Earring by Vermeer. 

Michael Kors Holiday Ad Campaign

Michael Kors Holiday Ad Campaign
Source: TheDiarist.Ph

The fashion giant, Michael Kors, launched a holiday campaign in 2021 for Michael Kors and Michael Kors Men. The campaign's cast included the most dazzling stars in the industry, including Michael Kors himself, Bella Hadid, Bretman Rock, Tina Leung, and Lori Harvey. 

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