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DjMaRiiO’s Profile

Real Name: Mario Alonso Gallardo
Known As: Spanish YouTuber
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Aug 30, 1990 (Age, 33 years old)
Country: Spain

Who is DjMaRiiO?

Mario Alonso Gallardo, aka DjMaRiiO, was born on August 30, 1990. The famous YouTuber is mainly focused on FIFA, although at the beginning, he uploaded videos for Minecraft, Call of Duty, and GTA. He also uploads similar videos on his second YouTube channel, DjMaRiiOHD. Back in July 2015, he collaborated with fellow YouTuber Staxx on the video "MESSI TOTS DISCARD CHALLENGE." He has also been photographed at innumerable soccer-related events with superstar athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, James Rodriguez, and Iker Casillas.

Currently, he has 9.1 million subscribers on YouTube, 4 million followers on Instagram, 4.1 million followers on TikTok, and 4.6 million followers on Twitter. Some of his ad campaigns include those with SONY, MAG, and CCS. As per Net Worth Spot, he is estimated to be around $4.45 million as of July 2022. Over 18.53 million fans and followers view the DjMaRiiO channel every month, and 617.6 people watch it daily. A YouTube channel can make anywhere from $3 to $7 for every thousand views.

DjMaRiiO’s Awards and Recognitions

DjMaRiiO’s Prominent Campaigns


DjMaRiiO for Sony

DjMaRiio did an unboxing of the Sony PlayStation 5. This is one of the best current-generation consoles available in the market today. Enjoy graphics that are practically even with the Xbox Series X but with superior exclusive titles and more expanded storage at an affordable price. It also serves as a great media center, but clearly, it's the spectacular games in there that are the real deal-breaker!


DjMaRiiO for MAG

DjMaRiio featured the MAG CH130X Gaming Chair in one of his YouTube videos showing his gaming set-up. The Gaming Chair was inspired by a race car seat, emphasizing support and comfortability. Your body pressure is completely loosened up due to its ergonomically streamlined outline, with its backline fully matching your head and spine.


DjMaRiiO for CCS

DjMaRiio also did an unboxing of the Competitive Controller in one of his YouTube videos. Users are allowed to let their imagination fly to create their perfect controller because you can personalize it to suit you completely. Whether it's for your PS5, PS4, or Xbox, you can try out all the options available until you can find the ideal controller for you. Combine their personalized covers, colored buttons, and other improvements to make your controller super cool!

DjMaRiiO’s Other Information

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