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Ruben Doblas Gundersen, better known by his online name elrubiusOMG, is an entrepreneur gameplay YouTube content creator and the third most-followed Twitch streamer.

In 2006, Gundersen created his first YouTube channel, elrubius, where he regularly uploaded montage videos of Grand Theft Auto IV and Skyrim. He then made his second channel, elrubiusOMG, in 2011. He re-uploaded the videos from the first channel and made other videos with the same format on his second channel, making him one of the pioneers in creating this type of content.

In 2012, he announced changing channels because the channel he used at the time couldn’t be associated with Machinima Network due to three YouTube copyright infringement complaints. Following his shift, he created his “Mi Cara” video and revealed his identity for the first time. He also made the segment “X Video Game in 1 Minute,” which quickly became one of Spain’s most viral YouTube sections at the time.

2012 seemed like a year of laudable feats for the online personality, as his “Torero” parody entitled “Minero” became viral. The parody became his channel’s most-viewed video, nearing 100 million views. In the same year, Gundersen’s channel reached 100K subscribers, which he celebrated via a YouTube stream.

His elrubiusOMG channel became the most-subscribed Spanish YouTube channel in 2012, surpassing fellow YouTube creator Willyrex.

In 2014, the influencer published an interactive book titled “El Libro Troll.” It reached number one in sales for eight weeks and became a bestseller during Madrid’s Book Fair in 2014. However, parents described the book as sexual, and the Superintendencia de Industria Y Comercio deemed it inappropriate for teens and children.

As if being an author and content creator isn’t enough, elrubiusOMG owns the clothing brand MadKat.

His fame for many years allowed him to accumulate 40M subscribers on YouTube, 21.5M followers on Twitter, 17.9M on Instagram, 7.8M on Facebook, and 6.2M on TikTok.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2016 Play Awards: YouTuber of The Year
  • 2022 ESLAND Awards: Streamer of The Year, nomination
  • 2022 Forbes Best Gamers

elrubiusOMG Prominent Campaigns

Batman x MadKat

Source: ElrubiusWTF IG

MadKat, the influencer’s own clothing brand, collaborated with DC Comics for a limited-edition Batman collection. Every piece is a statement for every Batman fanatic.

Paco Rabanne Partnership

Source: ElrubiusWTF IG

Luxury perfume brand Paco Rabanne recently released its new men’s scent, The Phantom Menace. Gundersen is among the influencers the brand collaborated with for the release.

ASUS ROG Partnership

Source: ElrubiusWTF IG

Leading gaming PC brand ASUS ROG is notable for collaborating with prominent gaming influencers, including elrubiusOMG. He advertised ASUS ROG’s latest Strix on Instagram.

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