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ElTrollino’s Profile

Full / Real Name: Javier López Hervás
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Jul 11, 1998 (Age, 26 years old)
Country: Spain

Who is ElTrollino?

Widely known online as ElTrollino, Javier Lopez Hervas is a Spanish gaming YouTube influencer dedicated to uploading humorous and exciting content with his YouTuber friends Mikecrack, RaptorGamer, Sparta356, Timba VK, elmayo97, and RiusPlay, who make up the #CoMPaS team.

Javier launched his career as a YouTube gamer on May 18, 2013. His content is often centered around Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Golf IT, and other virtual reality games. However, he started YouTube by uploading Call of Duty content.

He is one of the best players in Minecraft's Sky Wars, often jokingly dubbing himself the god of Sky Wars. Furthermore, his initial Minecraft skin was inspired by a prince who only strictly wore white underpants, a golden crown with forehead fringes, and a tattooed letter 'T' on his back. Then, he upgraded to a more "Kawaii" prince with blue shorts, an orange vest with bright yellow buttons, a striking red belt, and longer hair with a golden crown.

Early in his career, the influencer hid his face from viewers and only did a face reveal on December 28, 2015, on his "Mi Cora - Especial 100.000 ElTrollino" YouTube video. The face reveal video excited his avid fans.

Javier also authored a book with Mikecrack and Timba VK titled "Compas 7. The Compas vs. Hackers."

Over the years, ElTrollino accumulated an impressive 20.6M subscriber count on YouTube, 2.2M followers on TikTok, 837K on Instagram, 332K on Twitter, and 139K on Facebook.

ElTrollino’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 8th Annual Bloxy Awards, nomination
  • YouTube Diamond Creator Award

ElTrollino’s Prominent Campaigns

Avenger's Endgame

Avenger’s Endgame
Source: Official Instagram Account

Like most movie premiers, the Avenger's Endgame premier in Spain invited a couple of A-list celebrities and personalities, including ElTrollino. Inviting notable personalities to movie premiers is a common marketing stint, and it works most of the time.

eBay Spain Collaboration

eBay Spain Collaboration
Source: Official Instagram Account

eBay is known for partnering with different social media personalities. In 2022, eBay sent a PR box to ElTrollino that the latter unboxed and broadcasted via IG Stories. Javier then gave out the PORNAVIDAD3 code for a €3 discount on any eBay purchases.

Toys R Us Collaboration

Toys R Us Collaboration
Source: Official Instagram Account

For Toys R Us 27th anniversary, the toy retailer invited ElTrollino to the event and hosted a meet-and-greet with his fans. It was a successful event, and many fans in his comment section wished to meet the influencer, too.

ElTrollino’s Other Information


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