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Country: United States

Who is BuzzFeed Multiplayer?

BuzzFeed is a New York-based American news and entertainment media company. Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson founded the company in 2006 and became known for its pop-culture articles, listicles, and engaging online quizzes. Among BuzzFeed's many divisions is BuzzFeed Multiplayer.

The company often tackles anything viral, including politics, DIY, fashion, beauty tips, and even animals. In a nutshell, BuzzFeed is the jack of all trades in content. The company exerted effort in creating relevant, relatable, and creative content to keep resonating with its audience.

In addition to the main BuzzFeed website, the company has various divisions, including podcasts, a comfort food recipe website, multiple YouTube channels, and BuzzFeed News. BuzzFeed Multiplayer is among the company's strings of YouTube channels.

The BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube channel was established in May 2014, focusing on recreation, cosplay, and gaming. The gaming industry on YouTube began to gain popularity at this time, and BuzzFeed wasn't letting the opportunity fall down the drain. The company's MultiPlay channel places "nerds" on a pedestal and portrays them in a different light.

The channel contains a wide range of content related to gaming and eSports, such as introducing the first female eSports CEO, inviting a real trucker to play Euro Truck Simulator 2, ranking video game controllers, showcasing the biggest gamer lounge in NYC, and a lot more of unique and exciting content.

Today, BuzzFeed Multiplayer has 9.64M subscribers on YouTube, 585K followers on Facebook, 48K on Twitch, and 7.1K on Twitter.

BuzzFeed Multiplayer’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 Webby Awards: Best News App and Best Interview/Talk Show - BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Multiplayer’s Prominent Campaigns

Walmart and Disney Channel Collaboration

Walmart and Disney Channel Collaboration
Source: BuzzFeed Multiplayer YouTube

BuzzFeed Multiplayer collaborated with Walmart and Disney Channel to promote the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game. For the campaign, BuzzFeed made a gameplay video showcasing the game's novel features while inserting clips from the said Star Wars franchise. The gameplay video provided viewers with insights and sneak peeks into the game.

Epic Games Collaboration

Epic Games Collaboration
Source: BuzzFeed News

Epic Games developer partnered with BuzzFeed Multiplayer for Fortnite's Chapter 2 game launch. Epic Games worked with the media company to create videos highlighting the game's features and promoting it on multiple social media platforms.

Bethesda Game Studios Collaboration

Bethesda Game Studios Collaboration
Source: BuzzFeed

Bethesda Game Studios gave BuzzFeed Multiplayer early access to the studios' games, and in turn, the latter created gameplay videos showcasing the studios' games. Best of all, BuzzFeed's team was able to score an interview with the game developers and share exclusive content with its viewers.

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