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Niche: Entertainment
Country: United States

Who is FaZe Rug?

Known for his social media handle FaZe Rug, Brian Rafat Awadis is a YouTube influencer from the US. He is widely known for his vlogs, challenge videos, gameplays, and prank content. He also co-owns the professional eSports and entertainment organization FaZe Clan.

Brian was born in the US to immigrant parents from Tel Keppe, Iraq. Like other renowned entertainment influencers, he graduated high school and went to college, only to drop out after a few years or months to pursue a full-time career as a YouTube content creator and influencer.

In 2008, Brian and his brother Brandon launched their 'fathersonchaldean' YouTube channel and uploaded their first video on the same day. They uploaded three more videos by the end of 2009 and went inactive.

Then in July 2012, Brian created his own YouTube channel, 'FaZe Rug,' and uploaded brief clips of his Call of Duty gameplays. A year later, he was invited to join the FaZe Clan, which he currently co-owns.

Brian's channel surpassed a million subscribers in 2015 and 10 million in 2018, earning him the coveted Diamond Play Button award.

The influencer added more to his content-creation career resume as he released his song, "Goin Live," in 2019. A year later, he released the song's music video.

Aside from producing YouTube content and music, Brian also appeared on MTV's Ridiculousness season 17, episode 7, and hosted YouTube Original's #1 Chicken. On top of his TV appearances, he also starred in the 2020 film Crimson as himself.

His popularity allowed him to score bigger roles outside of YouTube, such as when he announced the Los Angeles Chargers' third-round pick during the 2022 NFL Draft. And if his achievements aren't enough, he launched a candy brand. 

FaZe Rug currently reaps the sweet fruit of his labor through his 24.1M YouTube subscribers, 10.7M TikTok, 6.9M Instagram, 2.6M Twitter, and 6.8K Facebook followers.

FaZe Rug’s Awards and Recognitions

  • FaZe Clan's Most-Subscribed Gamer

FaZe Rug’s Prominent Campaigns

The Galaverse

The Galaverse
Source: Dexerto

In 2022, FaZe Rug collaborated with Nickelodeon on a limited-edition Rugrats merch collection. "The Galaverse" is meant to stir the nostalgia of the influencer's fans. The Galaverse included hoodies, shirts, mouse pads, and more. 

Lakers Collaboration

Lakers Collaboration
Source: Official Instagram

FaZe Rug is a fan of the Lakers team, and their stars aligned as they collaborated on a limited-edition shirt collection. Definitely a dream come true! 

USAA Partnership

USAA Partnership
Source: Official Instagram

The United Services Automobile Association partnered with FaZe Rug on a safe-driving campaign. He posted on Instagram what he does to stay safe on the road and encouraged others to share their safety measures. 

FaZe Rug’s Other Information


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