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Fernanfloo’s Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: El Salvador

Who is Fernanfloo?

Luis Alvarado, commonly known as Fernanfloo, is a comedic YouTube gaming influencer and clothing line owner from El Salvador. His channel is one of the most-subscribed Spanish-speaking channels.

Fernanfloo launched his YouTube channel on May 2011, when he was just 18 years old. He began his career by uploading tutorials and short clips of action scenes, then switched to gameplays of popular video games like Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and God of War III. It was when he entered the gaming landscape he earned notoriety in the Spanish-speaking section of YouTube.

Four years after creating his channel, Alvarado partnered with BBTV to launch The Fernanfloo Game app, which then garnered 2.3 million downloads during its first week and was ranked first in 17 countries within 24 hours.

Following his success, Alvarado briefly played a waiter in the Ecuadorian movie Dedicada e mi Ex in 2017. In the same year, the influencer announced his first book's publication, the graphic novel Curly Esta En Peligro.

Being the notable influencer that he is, Alvarado has impressively amassed 46.2M subscribers on YouTube, 15M followers on TikTok, 10.8M on Instagram, 7.4M on Twitter, and 6.8M on Facebook.

Fernanfloo’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2016 MTV Millennial Awards: Digital Icon of The Year, nomination
  • 2017 MTV Millennial Awards: Miaw Icon of The Year & Celebrity Challenge, respective nomination
  • 2018 Fans' Choice Awards: Editorial
  • 2021 ESLAND Awards: Best Trajectory

Fernanfloo’s Prominent Campaigns

Capcom Collaboration

Capcom Collaboration
Source: Google Play

In 2019, Alvarado announced his Capcom collaboration through his YouTube video "Soy Un Zombie." The collab featured the influencer on the Resident Evil 2 remake. A lot of the influencer's fans, who also happen to be gaming enthusiasts, were thrilled with the news.

BBTV Collaboration

BBTV Collaboration
Source: Tierra Gamer

In collaboration with BBTV, a company that works with influencers and developers to create engaging mobile games, Luis Alvarado snagged another mobile game to his name. The game Fernanfloo Party allows players to join the influencer on some of his favorite challenges. You can get the game on the App Store and Play Store.

It can also be recalled that BBTV and Alvarado previously launched another game.

Fernanfloo’s Other Information


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