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JP Plays is a YouTube channel featuring videos of JP and McFly playing video games and having loads of adventures and fun along the way. As of June 2023, the Brazilian content creator has an estimated net worth of $5.7 million according to His fans love his super engaging and entertaining videos, as evidenced by his massive following of over 11 million YouTube subscribers.

Joao Paolo aka JP Plays created his channel back in 2015 and has then won the hearts of avid fans. He also has an app with the same name which provides access to more content aside from his YouTube channel. He makes a lot of money from ads displayed on his gameplay videos, as well as sponsorships and his own merchandise sales. Apart from YouTube, fans can also find him on Instagram where he has over 355K followers. Some of his ad campaigns include Roblox and IGN.

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JP Plays have created a ton of Roblox gameplay videos, so it’s no wonder Roblox sent him an exclusive Limited Edition Builderman Collectible box as a thank-you gift for Christmas. It also comes with 3 pairs of awesome Roblox socks to keep you warm and cozy during the cold holiday season. Another perfect way to perk you up from the holiday blues!


In another one of his YouTube unboxing videos, JP Plays also featured IGN and Nerd Block’s partnership to create the special edition fan block filled with 9 awesome collectibles. This box consists of some of the best collectibles you can expect from other Nerd Blocks, however, this limited edition IGN Block has an exclusive T-shirt that features a certain Marvel superhero, an exclusive comic variant, and other special IGN goods you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

JP Plays Merch

JP Plays also has his own merch, which fans can purchase online, like his Roblox notebooks with cool covers such as JP Plays: Zombies, JP Plays: Adventures in the Wild West, and JP Plays: School of Spies. You also have the option to get the combo pack, where you get a discount for buying all 4 notebooks!

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