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Linus Tech Tips’ Profile

Full/Real Name: Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Niche: Technology
Date of Birth: Aug 20, 1986 (Age, 37 years old)
Country: Canada

Who is Linus Tech Tips?

Canadian YouTuber Linus Gabriel Sebastian is famous for his Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel covering anything technology and The WAN Show podcast. He also has two other YouTube channels—TechLinked and TechQuickie—with 1.86M and 4.27M subscribers, respectively.

Sebastian used to work for NCIX, a now-defunct Canadian computer retailer, as a regular technology video presenter. NCIX assigned him as host for its technology YouTube channel that provided on-product demonstrations. Unfortunately, the production cost was too high, and the viewership too low. As a solution, the company asked Sebastian to create a cheaper offshoot channel for lower production values. Hence, the emergence of Linus Tech Tips.

Sebastian eventually left NCIX following a dispute on company management and started his own, the Linus Media Group. Sebastian negotiated with NCIX on the ownership of Linus Tech Tips, to which he signed a non-compete clause.

On May 2023, Sebastian stepped down as Linus Media Group's CEO and transitioned into the Chief Vision Officer creative role.

Sebastian's YouTube channels were taken over by crypto-hackers who posted the infamous deepfake Elon Musk bitcoin scam. YouTube later took down and restricted the channels.

Sebastian's Linus Tech Tips brought him to greater heights, thus, accumulating over 15.6M subscribers on YouTube, 1.7M followers on Facebook, 1.8M on Twitter, 1.4M on Instagram, and 1.1M on TikTok.

Linus Tech Tips’ Awards and Recognitions

  • 2022 Wikitubia Awards: Favorite Tech Channel
  • 2015 Inc. Magazine: Top 30 Power Players in Tech - 4th
  • 2014 Tubefilter's Top 1% of Google's Advertising Channels on YouTube - Technology category

Linus Tech Tips’ Prominent Campaigns

ASUS ROG: Build Together, Give Together

ASUS ROG: Build Together, Give Together
Source: LTT YouTube

Tech giant ASUS launched the Build Together, Give Together campaign that featured Linus Tech Tips and Seth Curry setting up an ASUS ROG CPU. The same CPU was made available for public purchase, and all the proceeds went to BC Children's Hospital Foundation. 

Intel Extreme Upgrade

Intel Extreme Upgrade
Source: Videocardz

Another highly popular tech brand, Intel, partnered with the influencer for two years to produce the Intel Extreme Upgrade series. The series had 24 videos with over 86 million views. Intel was Sebastian's biggest sponsor until it pulled out earlier this year. 

AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade

AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade
Source: Videocardz

Following Intel's pullout, AMD tech picked up the initiative and is currently teaming up with Sebastian on its Ultimate Tech Upgrade Series. The AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade follows the same format as the Intel Extreme Upgrade series.

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