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Niche: Entertainment
Country: Venezuela

Who is TheDonato?

Donato Munoz, popularly known as TheDonato, is a Venezuelan influencer-author and gaming YouTube creator primarily recognized for his Garena Free Fire, Clash Royale, and Fortnite gameplay content.

In the gaming space, Donato is among the best faces of the Garena Free Fire YouTube gameplay. Not only is the influencer known in his local community, but he is known worldwide.

Donato developed a love for video games at a very young age, especially ones that involved shooting, such as the ever-famous Call of Duty. In 2015, he launched his YouTube channel and initially uploaded Clash Royale gameplay. However, due to the demands of his subscribers, Donato started playing Garena Free Fire. Surprisingly, he won the first he played the game and found it very entertaining. Hence, he has been uploading Free Fire gameplays, making them one of his most popular content.

Over time, Donato's live gameplays earned an impressive number of viewers, from 25k viewers to over a hundred! He can, somehow, credit a part of his fame to his Garena Free Fire gameplays. He has remained so loyal to the game that even after the release of much newer games like Fortnite, he continues to upload Free Fire content.

In 2019, TheDonato, along with XavyBecker, Memonstruo, and Jenki, were invited to grace the three-day FestiGame event at Espacio Riesco in Chile. The event gave Donato a wonderful opportunity to market himself, resulting in the growth of his gaming influencer career.

The same year, Donato participated in the Free Fire influencers tournament alongside gaming influencers Antronixx, Watzap, and DanyanCat.

With grit and consistency, TheDonato currently amassed 33.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 10 million followers on TikTok, 4.8 million on Twitter, 2 million on Instagram, and 94.5 thousand on Twitter.

TheDonato’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2020 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Mexico: Favorite Gamer

TheDonato’s Prominent Campaigns

Fernanfloo Collaboration

Fernanfloo Collaboration
Source: Official YT

Most of Donato's campaigns are in the form of collaborations with other prominent Spanish gaming influencers, one of which is the famous Fernanfloo. The gaming influencers have several gameplay collaborations, including one where Donato confessed he is one of Fernanfloo's biggest fans. 

Copa Donato

Copa Donato
Source: Official YT

Copa Donato is a Free Fire tournament organized by TheDonato himself. The tournament gathers some of the best Free Fire players and is running its 3rd season. 

TheDonato’s Other Information

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