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Mumbo Jumbo’s Profile

Real Name: Oliver "Oli" Brotherhood
Known As: Minecraft YouTuber from UK
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Dec 1, 1995 (Age, 28 years old)
Country: United Kingdom

Who is Mumbo Jumbo?

Known online as Mumbo Jumbo, Oliver "Oli" Brotherhood is an English gaming YouTuber popular for his Minecraft content, specifically his redstone builds and the details of the process. Some of his videos also showcase the game's new features. Mumbo is a member of the Hermitcraft SMP Minecraft server.

At the dawn of his gaming influencer career, Mumbo, alongside his friend Tom, uploaded Call of Duty videos on the AspectDz and DatsikGaming YouTube channels. At that time, he also managed a personal YouTube channel, MrOliBrotherhood, where he frequently uploaded random clips and subscribed to creators he liked.

Everything shifted when he stumbled upon a Minecraft video. He loved what he saw and decided to play and create content on Minecraft gaming. So, he created his current channel, ThatMumboJumbo, on March 30, 2012, and uploaded his first content a day later (which is currently unlisted).

The first official public video on Mumbo's channel was titled " ServerCraft Survival: Episode 5: To The Nether!" During this time, his friend Tom, a.k.a. Jumbo, helped him manage the channel. Then, Tom left at 200 subscribers, leaving Mumbo to manage it himself.

Following his ServerCraft series, Mumbo started uploading redstone-themed content, including tutorials on how to utilize it. His prominent series, 60-second Minecraft, showcased his skills in building a redstone contraption within 60 seconds. The series gained him 1k subscribers.
Then, he started his 'Mumbo's World' series, to which he gained 50K subscribers, and stopped five months later to join the Hermitcraft SMP. He is known as the most popular and most-subscribed Hermit.

Mumbo is also a filmmaker and photographer, as shown in his stunning Instagram photos and Mumbo YouTube channel.

The influencer now has 9.16M subscribers on his gaming YouTube channel and 624K on his filmmaking channel, Mumbo. Moreover, Mumbo Jumbo has amassed 485.4K followers on Twitter, 267K on Instagram, and 57K on Facebook.

Mumbo Jumbo’s Prominent Campaigns

Omologato Watches

Omologato Watches
Source: Official IG Account

Famous watch brand Omologato Watches partnered with Mumbo Jumbo for its video ad campaign. The campaign felt genuine to Mumbo Jumbo as he could attest to the brand's quality, having used his watch for two years and counting. He also featured his cool vintage car in the video.

Minecraft Collaboration

Minecraft Collaboration
Source: Official IG Account

Minecraft had a gameplay event at London's South Bank from November 16 to December 1, 2022. The event ran every weekend and gave the players a chance to win an exclusive Jolly Llama, muddy pig, and moobloom game mobs. Mumbo Jumbo advertised the event on Instagram.

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