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Who is Black Plasma Studios?

Black Plasma Studios, otherwise known as BPS, is a YouTube animation channel popular for its cinematic animations based on different video games, mostly Minecraft. The American YouTube influencer and animator David R.B. is the person behind the BPS YouTube channel.

The channel launched in 2008, with its first YouTube content titled "Unyielding Legion Awaits." At the dawn of his YouTube career, David directed Halo 3 machinima videos and became fascinated with the game's entire franchise.

In 2010, David, with the help of his friends, produced and launched the channel's Halo Game Night series with ten seasons. The videos in the series lasted for over an hour, with season ten being a 1h45m live stream.

In July 2011, David uploaded Rise of The Spartans, his first Halo Reach Machinima. It was an action-packed series with nine episodes. David's Minecraft fascination started when he met with his friends to play the game and stumbled upon the fun Minecraft server Hypixel Network.

After some time, he stopped producing Halo content and made a huge shift to Minecraft. In July 2015, David uploaded his first Minecraft animation, "Spider Attack," which gained popularity and racked up millions of views. Since then, the gamer bid farewell to Halo with "Project Containment (Halo Reach Machinima)" as the last video and started creating more Minecraft animations.

According to SocialBlade, the Black Plasma Studios YouTube channel owns an estimated net worth of $6 to $7 million and a yearly revenue of $924,000.

Sadly, David R.B. left Black Plasma Studios in February 2023 and transferred the company's ownership to the gaming influencer MattSquared, resulting in the studio's rebranding to Squared Media.

Today, the Black Plasma Studios YouTube channel is called SquaredMediaAnimations. As of this writing, the channel has 10.4M subscribers and over 2B views on YouTube.

Black Plasma Studios’ Awards and Recognitions

  • YouTube Diamond Creator Award

Black Plasma Studios’ Prominent Campaigns

Minecraft Animation Collaboration

Minecraft Animation Collaboration
Source: Squared Community YT Channel

As far as Black Plasma Studios' channel shows, they don't have any collaborations or partnerships with major brands. Most of their partnerships are Minecraft Animation collaborations, where BPS collaborates with many animators to create themed Minecraft animation. You can view the collaboration outputs on the Squared Community YouTube channel, formerly BPS's community channel.


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