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Robin Hood Gamer’s Profile

Full / Real Name: Gabriel Neto
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Nov 21, 1999 (Age, 24 years old)
Country: Brazil

Who is Robin Hood Gamer?

Gabriel Neto, aka Robin Hood Gamer, was born on November 21, 1999, in Brazil and has been playing video games since he was a young teen. He loves playing GTA 5, Minecraft, and PK SD, among others. But his playthroughs of Minecraft and Roblox games got him the most attention. He started his YouTube channel back in May of 2014. The first video he uploaded, entitled "Bem Vindo Ao Canal:D," received so much love and support from the gaming community and generated 420K views, which was a LOT for a beginner.

He consistently explored and uploaded games on his YouTube channel, which gave him a solid fan base. Today, he has over 20.2 million YouTube subscribers, 926K Instagram followers, 136.6 Twitter followers, and almost 32K Facebook followers. Some of his most prominent campaigns are with LEGO, where he did an unboxing LEGO Surprise Minecraft video, Familia Arqueira, where he sells his official merch, and Google Play Store, where his Robin Hood Gamer app can be downloaded.

Robin Hood Gamer’s Prominent Campaigns


Robin Hood for LEGO

Robin Hood Gamer teamed up with LEGO in one of his toy LEGO Minecraft Surprise unboxing videos. He excitedly pulled out three different boxes from the giant LEGO-shaped box and assembled them from start to finish. His long-time fans were won over by his fun Minecraft and Roblox YouTube videos, so this was definitely a treat!

Familia Arqueira

Robin Hood for Familia Arqueira

This is the website where Robin Hood Gamer and fellow YouTubers Hey Davi and Beto Gamer join forces to bring Minecraft adventures and their challenges to life! Here, the family has various products to make their gaming adventures even more fun! From shirts, hoodies, mugs, and even a Robin Hood Gamer doll that kids would love to play with and collect!

Google Play

Robin Hood for Google Play

Robin Hood Gamer has his own app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store! Here, Robin Hood Gamer joins Beto and Hey Davi in embarking on thrilling adventures filled with joy and positive energy. The app brings to life the best of their famous YouTube channel, along with exciting and fun gameplay videos that made their games so popular!

Robin Hood Gamer’s Other Information


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