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Techno Ruhez’ Profile

Full / Real Name: Ruhez Amrelia
Niche: Technology
Date of Birth: Jan 8, 1990 (Age, 34 years old)
Country: India

Who is Techno Ruhez?

Ruhez Amrelia goes by Techno Ruhez on YouTube and is an Indian tech influencer. His content is primarily tech and gadget reviews, unboxing, and news.

Ruhez was born in Mumbai, India, also where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. After completing his studies and attaining his degree, Ruhez worked in a small firm and quit after a while. While at his former job, Ruhez often watched YouTube tech videos and found himself fascinated by technology. As a result, he opened a mobile shop in his local market.

In 2015, Ruhez launched his YouTube channel on a trial basis and posted only one video. The video went surprisingly well, so he pushed through and published another YouTube content in 2016. He gained momentum and started uploading more videos consistently.

Unfortunately, his AdSense account got disabled, and a large amount of money got stuck. It led him to a difficult time in his career, but he didn't let it stop him from creating more content.

Ruhez took inspiration from the tech influencers who came before him, and before he knew it, he was already years in the industry with millions of fans and in the same state as those he looked up to.

His grit and passion as a YouTube influencer paid off really well, as he now has 3.59M subscribers on YouTube, 486.4K followers on Twitter, 387K on Instagram, and 79K on Facebook.

Techno Ruhez’ Awards and Recognitions

  • Creators United Awards 2023: Tech Creator of The Year

Techno Ruhez’ Prominent Campaigns

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day
Source: Official YT Channel

Amazon India collaborated with Ruhez to advertise its Prime Day Sale. For the campaign, the influencer gave viewers a list of the best phones on Amazon and in-depth reasons why he recommends getting those phones.

JBL Collaboration

JBL Collaboration
Source: Official YT Channel

Sound tech giant JBL collaborated with Ruhez to showcase its Wave Beam and Wave Buds products. In the content, Ruhez takes his viewers on a full run-down of the product's features, and they are nothing but impressed.

MediaTek Collaboration

MediaTek Collaboration
Source: Official Twitter Account

MediaTek, a leading chipmaker, partnered with the influencer to showcase its 8200 and 9200 chipsets. Because of the content, viewers witnessed how powerful the chipsets are and got convinced that MediaTek is the future of processors.

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