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TheWillyRex’ Profile

Full/Real Name: Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: May 9, 1993 (Age, 31 years old)
Country: Spain

Who is TheWillyRex?

TheWillyrex, also known as Guillermo Díaz, is a prominent Spanish YouTube personality and gamer. He has gained widespread recognition for his engaging gaming content, and his YouTube channels, "Willyrex" and "TheWillyrex," have amassed a substantial following. His channel "TheWillyrex" boasted over 12 million subscribers and an impressive 4.35 billion views. This achievement ranked his channel as the third most-subscribed in Spain and the 75th globally.

Willyrex's niche primarily revolves around gaming-related content, including gameplay videos, reviews, and tips for various video games. Additionally, he has expanded his influence beyond gaming, engaging in endeavors like writing books, serving as a gaming coach, and promoting NFTs.

His vibrant presence on platforms like YouTube has established him as a multifaceted content creator with a substantial online following.

TheWillyRex’ Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 YouTube Creator Awards (100,000 subscribers)
  • 2017 YouTube Creator Awards (1,000,000 subscribers)
  • 2017 YouTube Creator Awards (10,000,000 subscribers)
  • The Game Awards 2018 − Content Creator of the Year (Nominated)

TheWillyRex’ Prominent Campaigns

McDonald's x KarmaLand

McDonald's x KarmaLand

"Minecraft Monday" was a weekly Minecraft tournament that TheWillyrex hosted with other popular Spanish YouTubers. The tournament was very popular, with over 100,000 weekly viewers tuning in.

Minecraft x WillyrexLand

Minecraft x WillyrexLand

"WillyrexLand" is a virtual world that TheWillyrex created in Minecraft. WillyrexLand is a multiplayer game where players can explore different areas, play games, and interact with other players. The world is constantly being updated with new content, and it is a popular destination for Spanish Minecraft players.

TheWillyRex’ Other Information


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