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Travis Burke’s Profile

Real Name: Travis Burke
Known As: Off-Grid Traveler and Photographer
Niche: Travel
Country: United States

Who is Travis Burke?

Travis Burke is a talented athlete, speaker, photographer, and explorer. Travis has always been known to push the limits of his profession. He grew up in Oceanside, California, with a passion for skating and surfing.

He developed a fascination for spending days off the grid in off-the-grid locales after meeting his parents on the Pacific Crest Trail. He uses photography to extend his stays and forge deeper connections with nature. Burke's commitment and desire to master new skills enable him to produce captivating pictures in novel ways.

Travis now spends the majority of the year travelling and taking pictures of every corner of the planet, from underwater caves to nebulas in deep space, and everything in between. He is an ardent paraglider, slackliner, freediver, skater, and surfer. His goal is to produce images that instruct and motivate the present and upcoming generations to value and preserve the natural world and everything in it.

Travis Burke’s Prominent Campaigns

Matador Network

Travis Burke for Matador Network

Travis Burke definitely knows how to use travel for good. Travelling may be a life-changing experience that helps us see the humanity in everyone and everything, according to Matador. It has the capacity to unite, heal, and inspire us to devise brand-new journeys that make the world a better place. and its social media platforms are the most popular internet site for affluent millennial travellers and explorers. They are the top independent travel media outlet in the world, with over 9 million unique visitors each month and millions of social media followers.


Travis Burke for GoPro

Hawaii's remote islands are a delight! Using the new GoPro Hero 6, Travis Burke, Paddy Mack, and this summer adventure explore Oahu, Hawaii. In a 4-day mission trip for stoke, they did it all: skimboarding, cliff jumping in Waimea, trekking, skating, and womping with the north shore breaks!

With the exception of the camera's new 4K 60fps setting, image quality is mostly the same. Although some of the colors are slightly richer than others, GoPro's major advantages and major disadvantages are still present. When there is plenty of light, it works brilliantly because of its excellent color reproduction and auto-exposure capabilities.

Adventure Aide

Travis Burke for Adventure Aide

The mission of Adventure Aide is to provide a link between modern technology, the great outdoors, and face-to-face communication. For them, technology isn't simply the finished product; it's also a way to move you away from the screen and out into the real world. You may browse and reserve outdoor excursions developed and conducted by locals using their smartphone app. Users can either request a day and time that works for them or browse the adventures that are already scheduled. In addition, you can browse various adventure categories, communicate with people you've linked with, and view forthcoming or previous trips in your diary.

The Adventure Aide app was put to the test by Travis Burke and his pals while they travelled through Joshua Tree National Park. It is a sizable protected region in southern California that stands out for its untamed rock formations and desolate desert surroundings. The park, which is named after the area's twisted, bristling Joshua trees, sits between the Mojave Desert, which is higher and colder, and the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert. Overlooking the Coachella Valley is Keys View, through the stones of Hidden Valley, hiking trails wind.

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