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Real Name: Judner Aura
Niche: Technology
Date of Birth: Jun 21, 1988 (Age, 35 years old)
Country: United States

Who is UrAvgConsumer?

Judner Aura, known for his social media handle UrAvgConsumer, is a tech influencer and social media personality. With his easily understandable content on various topics, the influencer has grown to be famous among millions of viewers.

Brands may send their products to Judner, and if he finds them good enough, he will feature them on his massive unboxing series of YouTube videos. Another way brands can collaborate with the influencer is to become a video sponsor.

This tech YouTuber gained fame through his in-depth and straightforward reviews and analyses. His reviews cover video games, computers, smartphones, and other tech products.

Among his aims as a top tech influencer is to educate and inform others through his content, so he uses simple language in his videos and when engaging with his viewers to cater to the average consumer. His relatable personality also contributes to his huge success.

Judner launched his YouTube channel in 2012 and posted an unboxing of a Canon on Speedlite 430 XII as his first-ever content. He saw that his videos were doing well, so he went on to post consistently. Among his most-watched videos are the "Top 5 Features of PS4!" and "My Top 5 Favorite Headphones."

With his rising social media career came a blossoming love life. Judner married in 2016 and welcomed their baby boy Austin. Being a tech enthusiast, it only makes sense for Judner to create a smart nursery. He always ensured that anything that could "potentially" be smart was truly smart in their baby's room.

As a popular and sought-after online personality, Judner accumulated over 3.2M subscribers on YouTube, 357.3K followers on Twitter, 294K on Instagram, and 57K on Facebook.

UrAvgConsumer’s Awards and Recognitions

UrAvgConsumer’s Prominent Campaigns

Hyundai Sponsorship

Hyundai Sponsorship
Source: Official YT

Major car brand Hyundai sponsored the influencer to give a detailed review of the designs and features of its 2023 IONIQ 6 electric car. The video has gained support from many viewers, including his co-tech influencer Marques Brownlee.

Lenovo and Intel Sponsorship

Lenovo and Intel Sponsorship
Source: Official YT

Lenovo and Intel sponsored multiple famous tech influencers to showcase and review the Leno Legion Slim 5i. Among those the brand collaborated with is Judner. Aside from the review, Judner partnered with Lenovo and Intel on a massive giveaway.

UrAvgConsumer’s Other Information

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