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Niche: Entertainment
Country: Russia

Who is VyacheslavOO?

VyacheslavOO is a famous YouTuber and content creator from Russia. He started his YouTube channel back in 2012 and currently has over 9.15 million YouTube subscribers. NetWorthSpot's data suggests that his net worth is around $2.71 million. However, NetWorthSpot's estimated data only came from one income stream, thus, the YouTuber's net worth can even be higher. Monetized YouTube channels can generate $3-$7 per one thousand video viewers. Presuming VyacheslavOO is within this range, NetWorthSpot estimates he earns $45.23 thousand a month, with a total of $678.51 thousand a year. But this is a low estimate. If he makes it on the higher end, he could generate over $1.22 million a year.

It is very common for YouTubers to have multiple streams of income revenue. Additional revenue sources come in the form of sponsorships, product sales, affiliate commissions, and even talking engagements. These gigs can generate even higher revenue than their ads. Some of his partnerships include those with Avito Aidshop Online Store. He also has his own gaming app that his fans can download and play. Apart from his YouTube channel, VyacheslavOO also has 308K followers on Instagram.

VyacheslavOO’s Prominent Campaigns


VyacheslavOO for Avito

VyacheslavOO teamed up with Avito, a Russian classified ad website that caters to virtually everything- from general goods, jobs, real estate, cars, services, and more. It is considered the most popular classifieds site in Russia and one of the biggest in the world. Back in 2019, Avito had over 10.3 million unique daily visitors, its users posting over 500,000 new ads daily, and overall ads add up to around 60 million active listings. In 2015-2019, Russian Forbes put the service in 3rd place in its list of the most expensive companies of Runet, estimated at $4.9 billion.

VyacheslavOO App

VyacheslavOO App

VyacheslavOO also has his own app that his followers can download to play. There is definitely plenty of money you can make via mobile applications. Even free apps do make money. There are many factors that come into play in determining how much money your app can make. It depends on your platform, type of app, and your specific revenue strategy.

Aidshop Online Store

Aidshop Online Store

VyacheslavOO also partnered with Aidshop Online Store, an online store MINECRAFT Launcher where you have the most budget-friendly options for playing on licensed servers. This is the kind of news every Minecraft aficionado dreams about!

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