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W2S’ Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: Guernsey

Who is W2S?

Harold "Harry" Christopher Lewis, popularly called W2S, is a YouTube influencer from Guernsey. He is known for his FIFA Draft and Pick videos and real-life challenge vlogs with friends and family.

Harry developed a love for football growing up and played for Rangers F.C. local football group. He first entered gaming when his parents gifted him a Nintendo GameCube. Aside from his hobbies outside academics, Harry has always been an intelligent student, acing his GCSE Math exam a year early.

The influencer started experimenting with different content ideas and setting up multiple YouTube channels. When he was around 14, he set up a fake iPad giveaway to earn subscribers, to which he later admitted that the iPad was his brothers'.

Eventually, he settled with his main channel, "W2S" (shortened form of "wroetoshaw"). His channel's name is a combination of FIFA players Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw. At 17, Harry quit school to become a full-time YouTube creator.

He joined the Sidemen, a group of YouTubers who create different challenges and vlogs, and became a member the same year he dropped out of school.

Shortly after starting his YouTube career, he became a victim of the Twitter hack in 2015, where a photo of his sensitive body part was leaked on the internet. Harry just turned it into a joking matter and used it for content.

Harry stopped uploading on his W2S channel, with the latest upload being three years ago. He currently uploads content on his second channel W2S+. Although, his primary channel has 5x more subscribers than the second one.

The famous influencer acquired 16.3M subscribers on his first YouTube channel and 3.97M on the second. He is also popular on other platforms as he has 5.7M followers on Instagram, 4.3M on Twitter, 1.7M on TikTok, and 568K on Facebook.

W2S’ Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 Shorty Awards: Best YouTube Ensemble - Sidemen, nomination

W2S’ Prominent Campaigns

JD Sports Partnership

JD Sports Partnership
Source: Official IG Account

British sneaker and sports fashion retailer JD Sports teamed up with Harry for a 500-euro gift card and PS4 giveaway. JD Sports is the official sponsor of several football teams, so it's not surprising they chose to partner with Harry. 

Budweiser Sponsorship

Budweiser Sponsorship
Source: Official Twitter Account

Beer brand Budweiser sponsored Harry and several other influencers to promote the brand during the football Quarter Finals. The influencers shared a Tweet using the #BringHomeTheBud and #BudPartner hashtags. 

EE Sponsorship

EE Sponsorship
Source: Official Twitter Account

EE partnered with Harry for a sponsored Tweet to advertise their #EExContested campaign, where the winner wins a ticket to the Red Bull Contested in Edinburgh. The campaign used the #EExContested, #Fortnite, and #EEGaming hashtags. 

W2S’ Other Information

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