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Niche: Entertainment
Country: Brazil

Who is TazerCraft?

TazerCraft is an entertainment YouTube channel launched by influencers Pac (Tarik Pakanhan) and Jvpc (Joao Vitor), who are also blood relatives. Later on, Mike (Mikhael Linnyker) joined the team, and they became the TazerCraft crew. However, Jvpc relocated to another place with a weak internet reception, forcing him to quit the channel.

The YouTube channel debuted on July 12, 2011, and released its first video and the first episode of the Minecraft Multiplayer Series the following day. Minecraft Multiplayer is the channel's first series and over 50 different series to date. The channel's first video is titled "Ep1 Minecraft Multiplayer -- Casa da Capivara," since Jvpc and Pac loved to play Minecraft and construct different virtual structures.

However, as mentioned, Jvpc left the channel with his last appearance on their "JVPC IS BACK" video. Jvpc's departure didn't stop the remaining crews from continuing the making content. Pac usually does a majority of their content's recording and editing, and because of his alias, he can always be seen wearing a classic Pacman shirt.

Mike made his debut in their Minecraft Multiplayer's fifth episode. He was initially more timid than the other two members but gradually became more open, vibrant, and comfortable.

TazerCraft's popularity allowed it to accumulate 15 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 803.5K on TikTok, 202.7K on TikTok, and 76K on Facebook.

The duo is active on all of their social media accounts, but their follower count isn't as impressive as their YouTube subscriber base. They also stream on Twitch with a follower count of over 117K.

TazerCraft’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2020 Nickelodeon Meus Prêmios Nick: Gamer of The Year, nomination

TazerCraft’s Prominent Campaigns

Official Merch Giveaway

Official Merch Giveaway
Source: Official Instagram Account

Last year, the influencer duo hosted a shirt giveaway from their very own merch store. Participants were only made to answer several questions on the form, and the two did a raffle to identify the giveaway's winner.

There are no visible brand sponsorships, collaborations, or marketing campaigns on their official social media profiles. Hence, they earn most of their revenue from merch sales and organic content.

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