Kintura Tracker Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Kintura Tracker?

Kintura is an advanced affiliate marketing performance-tracking software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It provides affiliate marketers with a robust cloud-based tracking tool that saves them valuable time while boosting their overall revenue.

This software revolutionizes the process of monitoring and analyzing the performance of affiliate marketing campaigns. It allows up to 30 users to access marketing campaigns and provides detailed analytics at a granular level.

Kintura leverages true AI capabilities to create and train campaign models, significantly improving conversion rates. All campaign data is constantly updated in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. With its robust and reliable infrastructure, combined with seamless and lightning-fast redirects, Kintura ensures that no clicks go to waste or get lost in the process.

Benefits of Kintura Tracker

Cost-Effective Marketing Tracking Solution

Kintura offers budget-friendly packages that are more affordable than many other AI-powered affiliate marketing tracking solutions. Despite its affordability, Kintura provides comprehensive features and significant value for your investment.

Unlike competing solutions, Kintura eliminates the need for expensive database services and costly engineering resources to manage the system. As a cloud-based platform, it requires no additional hardware investment and allows convenient access from any location and device.

True Artificial Intelligence

Kintura stands out with its notable feature of "true artificial intelligence." Leveraging real-time AI capabilities, Kintura intelligently directs users to the most performant offers, optimizing conversions and maximizing conversion probability through its campaign models.

Revolutionary Marks System

The software's innovative marks system enables advanced affiliate marketers to optimize performance marketing at both the Traffic Source and Campaign levels. By utilizing conversions to train campaign models, Kintura achieves exceptional optimization, resulting in a drastic increase in conversion probability.

Global Infrastructure

Kintura operates on a global infrastructure spanning five continents. This ensures fast redirects, guaranteeing no missed clicks and optimized user experience.

Instant Report Generation

With Kintura, generating comprehensive reports with detailed drill-downs is a quick and seamless process. There is no waiting time, providing instant access to the data you need and more.

Kintura Tracker Software Features

  • True Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-Time Global Access
  • Lightning Fast Redirects
  • Multiple Users
  • Non-Stop Support

Kintura Tracker Integrations

Kintura integrates with these systems and applications:

  • Traffic Company
  • Peerfly
  • Adcombo
  • Exoclick
  • Traffic Junky
  • Revcontent

Kintura Tracker Software Pricing

Kintura provides users with the following basic and enterprise pricing packages:

Basic – $69/month or $499/year

20 Domains
20 Users
Bot Detection
Live View
3 Million events per month
KinturaJS and Landing Pixel
City-Level Filters/Tokens
Premium Support

Premium – $149/month or $999/year

All Basic features
30 Domains
30 Users
10 Million Events per month

Professional – $199/month or $1,899/year

All Premium features
50 Domains
50 Users
20 Million Events per month

Kintura Tracker Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Web-based

Kintura Tracker Prominent Customers

Problems That Kintura Tracker Solves

Kintura Tracker Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Kintura Tracker Languages Supported

  • English

Kintura Tracker Social Media Links

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