Zoho Social Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is a software used in social media management, helping enterprises and organizations in creating brand awareness and social media presence via its robust features. In addition, it serves as a social media dashboard where business owners or teams can manage different social networks and acquire real-time analytics, which can help in building brands. 

Zoho Social is not only an effective social media dashboard for big businesses, but it is also helpful to small enterprises that want to establish a name in social media marketing. This tool can give reports on who are the probable consumers a business may have, schedule one or bulk posts, and has beneficial custom features that contribute to the desired social media management and marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Zoho Social

Schedules posts

Zoho Social aids in managing content and posts by scheduling posts according to the desired date and time set by advertisers or business owners. It is beneficial, especially when volumes of content are about to be posted within a week or a month. It can save time and make more realistic and organized time frames for organizations on content creation and collaboration.

Custom reports and analytics

Zoho Social also serves as a platform for creating custom reports and analytics for the benefit of agencies. For example, its management tool can provide reports on scheduled posts and posted content, demographic information of the audience, and other deeper and helpful analytics. These are also downloadable in different formats.

Monitors mentions, keywords, and trends

Zoho Social is a platform where advertisers can monitor top hashtags used, mentions of brands, relevant keywords utilized, and the latest trends, which are all beneficial in creating social campaigns across the different social media channels. This feature helps by optimizing created content and improving strategies based on consumers’ feedback.

Zoho Social Software Features

  • Publish bulk or single content
  • Schedule bulk or single content
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Provides calendar for schedules
  • Reports on customers’ and potential customers’ demographics
  • Analytics on social media performance and engagement
  • Collaboration with the team in content creation
  • Direct messages from different social networks in a single inbox
  • Trends, mentions, keywords monitoring
  • Custom reports creation

Zoho Social Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions

Zoho Social Software Pricing


$15 per month / $10 per month (billed annually)

  • Management of up to 7 social media channels or one brand
  • 1 Team member
  • 5-day weekly email support
  • Facebook groups and pages, Twitter profiles, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and Google My Business listings.
  • Home dashboard
  • Recent posts information
  • Content publication across social media channels
  • Calendar for scheduling and publishing posts
  • Access to published and scheduled posts
  • Link shortener
  • Activity log
  • User tagging
  • Summarized reports
  • Content drafts
  • Twitter location


$40 per month/ $30 per month (billed annually)

  • All Standard Plan features plus:
  • Live streams
  • Notifications
  • Custom feature
  • Repeated posting
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Information on popular posts
  • Posts insights
  • Link shortener to bit.ly
  • Access to the media library
  • Scheduled tweets
  • RSS feeds
  • Cloudpicker
  • Access to messages
  • Content pausing and resumption
  • Account muting and blocking
  • Access to connections
  • Social monitoring dashboard
  • Custom video thumbnail
  • Instagram first comment


$65 per month/ $40 per month (billed annually)

  • Allows management of up to 8 social media channels or one brand.
  • 3 Team members
  • 5-day weekly email support
  • Creation of Facebook groups and pages, Twitter profiles, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, YouTube channels, and Google My Business listings
  • SmartQ feature
  • Content approval and workflow
  • Posts export
  • Posts discussion
  • Team collaboration
  • Team member video call, audio call, and chat 
  • Reports dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Shared reports
  • Custom roles management
  • Content targeting
  • UTM parameters
  • Lead ads on Facebook and Linked In
  • Integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk
  • Access to CRM leads and contacts
  • Lead generation


$320 per month / $230 per month (billed annually)

  • Management of up to 80 social media channels or 10 brands
  • 5 Team members
  • 5-day weekly email support
  • Client invitation
  • Portal customization
  • Report scheduling and emailing
  • Agency reports
  • Customized view for clients
  • Free login for clients

 Agency Plus

$460 per month / $330 per month (billed annually)

  • Up to 160 social media channels or 20 brands
  • 5 Team members
  • 5-day weekly email support
  • Administration of additional 80 other social channels or 10 brands

Zoho Social Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Linux

Zoho Social Prominent Customers

  • ZOHO Corp.
  • C3 Presents, LLC
  • Kindle bit Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Problems That Zoho Social Solves

Zoho Social Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Zoho Social Languages Supported

  • English

Zoho Social Social Media Links

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