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20 Best ChatGPT Prompts and How to Write Them

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ChatGPT has caused a frenzy ever since it launched into the market. You can use the AI chatbot to converse and do different things according to the Prompts you feed it. But what are ChatGPT Prompts, and how can you use them to maximize your usage of the AI tool?

SparkToro did a category breakdown of over 4,000 ChatGPT prompts and the results displayed 29.14% of prompts are programming prompts, 23.3% have something to do with education, 20.79% on content, 13.47% on Science and marketing, 6.73% on personal prompts, and only 3.07% on politics. With this data, we can conclude that most people use ChatGPT for programming. However, these categories aren’t all there is to ChatGPT. You can feed the AI with any prompt you want.

Today’s world has gone high-tech, and people use AI for various reasons. The most popular AI tool to date is a chatbot called ChatGPT. The famous AI chatbot has been making rounds over the internet ever since OpenAI launched the AI tool to the public. It gained one million users five days after its launch. So, if you’re one of the millions who want to use ChatGPT, you must understand how to maximize it through ChatGPT prompts.

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI tool that can carry out human-like conversations.

Before we get into the details of ChatGPT Prompts, we must know what ChatGPT is. OpenAI, a research laboratory, is the genius behind this AI tool and launched it in November 2022. It is an artificial intelligence tool or chatbot that can sustain interesting user conversations. 

Many consider ChatGPT a revolutionary language model chatbot because it can decipher what humans mean when they ask a question. It utilizes natural language to construct responses that sound human-like. The language model can generate answers to hundreds and thousands of questions and compose multiple written contents, such as emails, blog articles, essays, letters, resumes, and social media posts, among others. 

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

We can define a Prompt as a short human-supplied text that users input as a springboard for ChatGPT’s response. ChatGPT Prompts can help you forge a wide range of written content through natural language processing and language models. Through the best prompts for ChatGPT, you can write almost anything — poems, essays, social media posts, emails, lesson designs, and more.

Even content marketers may use the tool to make numbered lists, meta descriptions, tutorials, and comprehensive guides through Prompt Engineering. Along with the right technical skills, these Prompts are a powerful tool for content marketers because they can help map out effective strategies and product roadmaps. Aside from that, ChatGPT Prompts can also produce career development guides, RSA format tables, and programming language translations, to name a few.

What are the Best Prompts for ChatGPT?

There are thousands of  awesome ChatGPT Prompts. Anything you say to the chatbot is considered a Prompt. If you want to use ChatGPT but are unsure of what ChatGPT Prompt to type in, you need not worry because we will help you. Myriads of great prompts exist, but we have gathered 20 of the most awesome ChatGPT Prompts for you.

Writing and Content Creation Prompts

work desk
Content creation takes on varied forms, and one of the many forms is writing.

These writing and content creation Prompts can be handy for content creators and marketers. If you are in the field, you might find these useful.

Write a Blog Post

Sample Prompt: Write a 2ooo-word blog post on ChatGPT Prompts

Check for Plagiarism

Sample Prompt: I want you to be a plagiarism checker for me. I will send you sentences, and you need to reply in a manner that makes you undetected in plagiarism checks. Do this and nothing else. Do not put explanations in your replies. The first sentence is, “Content creation requires creativity, effort, and passion.”

Draft Outlines for Articles

Sample Prompt: Write the best outline for my article on the Top Uses of ChatGPT. Make the outline concise but clear, and ensure no relevant information is left out.

Create Summaries for Articles

Sample Prompt: Please summarize the following content for me.

Web Development Prompts

codes on laptop
ChatGPT is a helpful aid for budding web developers and programmers.

These web development ChatGPT Prompts are great to use by coders and programmers. Regardless if you are only starting and want to do basic work or are already into the more advanced stuff, these Prompts are handy.  

Interpret Python

Sample Prompt: I command you to be a Python interpreter. I will send you a Python code, and, as a response, you will have to execute it. I do not require any explanations. You don’t have to give me anything else except the output of the code for your response.

Act as Linux Terminal

Sample Prompt: I want you to pretend to be a Linux terminal. I will give you the commands and respond with what the terminal should show. You only need to produce the terminal output inside one unique code block and nothing else. I do not need any explanations. Do not give commands unless I give you my instructions to do so. If I have something to tell you in English, I will do so by putting the text inside curly brackets like this {}. The first command is pwd.

Act as A Javascript Console

Sample Prompt: I want you to work like a javascript console. I will type in the commands, and you must respond with what the javascript console should show. You only have to reply with the terminal output inside one unique code block and nothing else. Do not give any more explanations. Do not give commands unless I give you any instructions to do so. If I have something to tell you in English, I will do so by putting the text inside curly brackets like this {}. The first command is console.log(“Hello World”);

Debug Programming Codes

Sample Prompt: Please debug this code for me. The code is supposed to translate this text.

Get Framework Suggestions

Sample Prompt: Do you have any suitable front-end framework recommendations for a website I’m working on? It is a website for my skincare business.

Career Prompts

Some of us often find ourselves in the middle of a dilemma career-wise. So, if you need help drafting that work email or writing a great cover letter, you can maximize ChatGPT through these career Prompts. 

Write A Resume Summary

Sample Prompt: Here is my written resume. Based on the data in the resume, write a summary that highlights my selling points and makes me stand out from other potential candidates.

Draft A Stellar Cover Letter

Sample Prompt: I will provide the full details of myself, the hiring body, and the job position. Out of these details, write a cover letter that will make me remembered.

Create Selling Points

Sample Prompt: Here is a list of my unique selling points. Create a summary highlighting all these selling points and make me stand out from other candidates for the position.

Highlight Work Experiences

Sample Prompt: In bullet form, create a highlight of my experience in social media marketing and show how I made a positive impact in that position. Base your highlight on this written data.

Education Prompts

university students facing computer
Despite the ethical concerns surrounding ChatGPT, students, and educators can still use it as a supplementary tool for learning and teaching.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, ChatGPT can help you come up with solutions to any school-related challenges or issues.

Create Questions for A Multiple-Choice Exam

Sample Prompt: Based on my Algebra lessons for 7th grade, create 20-item multiple-choice exam questions.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Sample Prompt: Explain Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in simple terms. Give a concrete example for each law.

Revise Essays

Sample Prompt: Here is an essay I made. Edit and revise it in the best way possible.

Get Tips and Tricks

Sample Prompt: Give me the best tips and tricks to stay awake until my last period. I am often sleepy in class.

Marketing Prompts

Marketing is full of people living on method after method to sell and advertise their brands, products, and services. And it can be quite challenging to stand out. Fortunately, ChatGPT can help lessen your burden.

Get Ideas for Instagram Story

Sample Prompt: Generate an Instagram Story idea about a teaser of my upcoming product launch. Make the story creative, exciting, and compelling.

Curate A List of Popular Influencers

Sample Prompt: List down some of the top popular influencers in the beauty niche. Their Instagram followers must not be less than a million.

Create Video Scripts

Sample Prompt: Generate a 30-second video script for a TikTok video about our latest gaming products.

use cases of ChatGPT
Best uses of ChatGPT. Source: MLYEARNING

How Do I write Better Prompts for ChatGPT?

Writing ChatGPT Prompts is, in itself, not a hard thing to do. But perfecting your ChatGPT Prompts to yield the best and most relevant results isn’t a piece of cake either. So, how can you take your ChatGPT Prompts to the next level?

Start with A Verb

If you want the AI chatbot to take you seriously, you must feed it with prompts that begin with verbs or action words, such as generatecreatewrite, list, etc., followed by the specifics. A good example would be, “Create an action plan for me to become a successful master educator.” Although starting with a verb won’t always be the case, doing this will yield a more concrete result.

Give Context

Like how a doctor can better diagnose once given a clear context of a patient’s symptoms, ChatGPT can also provide more relevant responses when a prompt has a clear context.

Role Play

Yes, you read that right! You can role-play or pretend with ChatGPT. Say, you want to write the best title for your article. You can give this prompt — pretend you are the best article writer in the world and make a witty title for this article on artificial intelligence. 

Cite References

You can ask ChatGPT to mimic your favorite author or song composer’s writing style. All you have to do is feed it the proper prompt. An example would be, “Give me some of the worst characteristics of men the Taylor Swift style.” And you can trust the AI tool to deliver a good response.

Use Quotation Marks

Using quotation marks in your ChatGPT Prompts is similar to using quotation marks by drawing them in the air through your fingers to emphasize a word you are saying. If you put quotation marks in your ChatGPT Prompts, the AI tool will give you a more detailed response. Typing in ‘write an essay on “influencer marketing”‘ will yield better results than just prompting with ‘write an essay on influencer marketing.’

Always Be Specific

The primary way of generating better responses from ChatGPT is by providing specific ChatGPT Prompts. Do not miss out on any detail to get the most desirable replies. The same applies to Dall-E, OpenAI’s text-to-art generator, where you must include every detail to get the desired art. Giving the prompt “a white Siamese cat with brown ears, deep blue eyes, and pink collar sticking its tongue out” will render a much more detailed result than just typing in “white cat with ears, eyes, and a collar.”

How Long Can ChatGPT Prompts Be?

OpenAI did not release an advisory on the maximum length of ChatGPT Prompts. However, several users discovered that, while ChatGPT has no hard limits on the prompts it can read, the longer the prompts are, the more difficult it is for the AI tool to process and respond to the lengthy prompt.

Furthermore, the AI tool advises keeping ChatGPT Prompts concise and specific, so ChatGPT can better understand the prompts and deliver more helpful responses.

How Do You Use ChatGPT Effectively?

If you type in this question on your search engine, you will surely get multiple responses giving you a surefire way to use ChatGPT effectively. They are all great answers, but the best way to successfully and effectively use the AI chatbot is by feeding it the best ChatGPT Prompts. Remember that writing your prompts strategically will generate better and more detailed responses. So, make sure to take note of the tips written in this article.

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