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40 Social Media Acronyms: The Ultimate List for Marketers

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What are some social media acronyms?
Social media acronyms are shortened versions of commonly used terms or phrases online. Some of the popular social media acronyms are FB, IG, YT, IDK, JK, BRB, BTW, HMU, BC, PM, PP, SEO, CPC, and ROI.

Similar to different airports and their corresponding codes, social media has its own set of codes otherwise tagged as acronyms. As a marketer, you must know these social media acronyms to get you where you’re going. We know how awkward it could get when we haven’t the faintest idea of what coded language people use in communicating. 

To help you decipher the different codes, we’ve gathered several top social media words and phrases that every user should recognize, and they’re grouped into four:

  • Network-Specific Abbreviations
  • Technical Acronyms and Abbreviations on Social Media
  • Gen Z Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Business-Specific Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

We’ve also laid down examples of every term’s usage for further comprehension. Hence, let’s get down to business. 

Network-Specific Abbreviations

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Facebook is the most popular social media site on the Internet. No doubt, FB is one of the commonly used social media acronyms.

These abbreviations refer to those that are commonly used in most social media networking sites. 

PM: Private Message

PM is the abbreviation for “private message” and is similar to direct message (DM). If somebody asks you to PM them, they’re asking you to message them privately—away from prying eyes. 

Example: I will be sending a PM to my sister. 

BC: Because

At least once in your life, I bet you’ve encountered somebody who always asks “what is BC in social media?” It might be because the only BC they know means “Before Christ.” BC in social media and text messaging means “because.” 

Example: I feel sad bc of my failing grades this semester.

PP: Profile Picture

So, what is PP in social media? Have you ever been asked by a younger netizen whether you’ve already changed your PP, and you were confused about what PP is in social media? PP refers to “profile picture” or the picture you use in your social media profile. PP is also known as DP or “display picture.” 

Example: Have you changed your Instagram PP already?

CW: Content Warning

What does CW stand for on social media? This abbreviation is important as it’s used when posting sensitive content online. This would give your readers a heads up that your post contains sensitive or disturbing content

Example: #CW This post contains words that may not be appropriate for young readers.

MT: Modified Tweet

Twitter fanatics use this term. Tweets that begin with MT show that the user edited the original tweet’s content for some reason. The Modified Tweet is also called a Quote Tweet. 

Example: MT: I will be going live tomorrow, at 10 PM EST. Stay tuned!

FB: Facebook

FB is the abbreviation for Facebook. In most conversations and write-ups, people say FB in place of the platform’s full name. Marketers even use the terms FB Live, FB page, FB posts, and other associations.  

Example: Can I get your FB username?

SocMed: Social Media

SocMed is an acronym for social media itself. Others would also use the SoMe or SM versions of the term. 

Example: Do you work as a SocMed manager?

Other acronyms specific for networks:

  • G+: Google+
  • YT: YouTube
  • IG: Instagram
  • LI: LinkedIn
  • TW: Twitter

Technical Acronyms and Abbreviations

The terms CPC and PPC are used in Google AdWords—an effective advertising tool.

Marketers aiming to grow their brand on social media should understand some of the most popular technical acronyms and abbreviations.

CPC: Cost Per Click

Cost per click is otherwise known as pay-per-click or PPC. CPC is known as the cost that an advertiser would pay for every click earned on a campaign. 

Example: The more clicks an ad banner gets, the higher the CPC. 

PV: Page Views

Page views refer to the tally of the number of visitors that landed on a particular page. Overall page views statistics are often tracked along with unique page views.  

Example: There are 400 PV for my website this month. 

CX: Customer Experience

CX is a customer’s relationship with the company through various interactions. It describes what a customer goes through along the course of their interaction.

Example: Carefully mapping out the journey of a customer would guarantee a pleasant CX. 

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

The URL is the global address of a website or page. It’s what you should type on your browser to get to your desired website.

Example: Facebook’s URL is

Gen Z Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

Gen Z and millennial acronyms are fun. And knowing how to incorporate them in your content and ads will level up your interaction with the young audience. 

411: Information

Gen Z users have been very creative in converting an 11-letter word into a 3-numbered representation. They use the term to refer to any kind of information.

Example: You got the 411, you know what to do.

AF: As F***

AF is used to place great emphasis on a certain feeling. 

Example: I am hungry AF. 

HMU: Hit Me Up

Gen Z and other netizens say HMU whenever they want somebody to call, text, or get in touch with them.

Example: HMU when you get home. 

IDK: I Don’t Know

This term is a classic! Some people who are a generation ahead of Gen Z know what this term is and its usage. 

Example: IDK whether I’m hitting the mall or just staying home tonight. 

JK: Just Kidding

Some used to think that JK is just the shortened form of “joke.” Technically, it isn’t. JK is an abbreviation of the phrase “just kidding.” It’s an add-on for when the joke isn’t that obvious. 

Example: I just saw him use a fork for a soup. JK

SMH: Shaking My Head

This abbreviation comes in handy when you want people to know that you’re shaking your head behind the screen. To add more depth, you may accompany it with an appropriate emoji

Example: You really thought I was going to jump in the water when I couldn’t swim? SMH.

OMW: On My Way

This abbreviation indicates when someone is already on the road or traveling towards the destination.

Example: Wait a few more minutes. I’m OMW to your place. 

Business-Specific Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

SEO is one of the most important business terms every marketer should know.

Social media acronyms would be incomplete without the business terms. After all, effective social media marketing is the goal of every marketer, right?  

ROI: Return On Investment

ROI measures the amount of profit a company gains. It’s one way a brand assesses its campaigns’ success and effectiveness.

Example: The ROI for this month is way higher than that of last month. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO intends to improve organic search engine results and enhance content’s visibility on a web page. Running a business with little SEO knowledge might give you undesirable results. 

Example: SEO is crucial in any search engine marketing success. 

SMM: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the practice of advertising to increase brand awareness on social media. It primarily aims to generate leads and foster relationships. 

Example: SMM is a great way to market your brand and stay on-trend.

UGC: User-Generated Content

UGC refers to any content such as posts, videos, or images shared by authentic users (mostly clients) on any social media platform. This type of content is organic and more genuine compared to paid promotions and sponsorships.

Example: Are you sure UGC is enough to drive traffic to your page?

TOS: Terms of Service

TOS is the legal rules and guidelines that users would agree to follow once they utilize a social media platform.

Example: The platform wouldn’t approve your signing up if you won’t agree with the TOS.  

Other Popular and Cool Acronyms and Abbreviations

featured 7
BAE–abbreviation for Before Anything Else—is just as popular as other social media slang.

The following are some of the many cool acronyms and abbreviations used by netizens on different social media platforms and texting. Some are first used as Snapchat text abbreviations—back when Snapchat was still very popular. 

BRB: Be Right Back

This acronym has been used for decades already and is still deemed relevant until today. You can use this when talking to somebody or having to do something for a while.

Example: BRB. I have to babysit. 

BTS: Behind the Scenes

No, it’s not the popular Korean boy group. BTS means “behind the scenes.” Most content creators and brands use this acronym when posting photos or updates behind their shooting scenes or work.

Example: Here are some BTS from our commercial shoot. 

BTW: By the Way

BTW is an abbreviated way of adding more information, throwing some shade, or going on a tangent.

Example: BTW, I thought you were going somewhere?

AMA: Ask Me Anything

Brands and influencers often host AMA’s on Twitter, Instagram, or any live stream session. AMA’s are question and answer sessions with followers or fans.

Example: I’m bored. AMA on the comment section!

FTW: For the Win

Users mostly use this abbreviation at the end of a sentence. FTW could also be used in cheering out of sincerity. However, users sometimes use this abbreviation sarcastically. 

Example: Pastel-colored bags FTW!

FYI: For Your Information

FYI is undoubtedly the most popular and widely-used abbreviation. This acronym is used in stating information. Like FTW, FYI is sometimes delivered with a tinge of sass. 

Example: FYI, you know nothing!

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

The abbreviation is placed when restating or re-upping content or news that most have missed out. 

Example: ICYMI, here’s a recap of yesterday’s vlog.

IMO: In My Opinion

Netizens use this when stating their opinion on something. IMO can also be used as a disclaimer for a steamy take on an issue. 

Example: Pineapples belong to pizza IMO. 

IRL: In Real Life

IRL is something we often read on most millennial netizen’s posts, and it refers to something that happens in actual life. For influencers, associating IRL with their content makes them appear raw and genuine online.

Example: I’m happy on SocMed, but I’m definitely sulking IRL.

LMK: Let Me Know

Netizens often use LMK if they want to hear other peoples’ feedbacks or thoughts regarding a specific topic. 

Example: Here are shots from our last trip to Bali. LMK if I should post content like these more often. 

WFH: Work from Home

WFH is the abbreviation that has gained popularity throughout the 2020 pandemic brought by the novel coronavirus. It’s used to describe the setup of working from the comfort of our homes.

Example: My husband and I are currently on a WFH setup

TMI: Too Much Information

TMI is the term used before providing a truckload of information to somebody.  

Example: This could be TMI, but…

The Gist of Social Media Acronyms

millennials statistics
Successful market segmentation comes from different factors such as audiences’ network preferences. ║ Source: Sprout Social

Understanding different social media slang terms help you make frantic rounds on the Internet over time. Not only will you speak effectively to your target audience, but you’ll also sound casual and more engaging. Most importantly, you can track key metrics and advertising schemes. 

More terms would include YOLO, Yas, Defo, On Fleek, and Bae. But whatever abbreviation you’d like to associate with your content, the bottom line should be responsible social media marketing. Use only the appropriate terms for your business while keeping on-trend and staying unique.

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