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81 Yelp Statistics 2022: Facts and Data You Need to Know

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If you know about TripAdvisor, Facebook Reviews, and Google Reviews, you probably know about Yelp also. Or perhaps not. Online reviews are crucial to customers’ purchasing decisions, and Yelp is just one platform to help. But do people still use Yelp 2021? Let’s dig deeper into this question through these Yelp statistics 2022. 

Founded in 2004, Yelp is an American company that was developed to connect people with local businesses. These businesses include restaurants, salons, mechanics, boutiques, dental services, and more. Now that it’s so much easier to leave reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, you may wonder: is Yelp still popular?

If there’s one great definition for Yelp, it’s “low-key.” It may seem silent on the web, but it’s by no means underperforming. Yelp is low-key, having up to 73 million new users every month and more than 100 million unique monthly users on its website. 

Still confused about its low-key popularity? Read these Yelp statistics 2022. 

Top Yelp Statistics

Before going into details, let’s quickly scan these top Yelp statistics for 2022:

  • 97% of consumers read Yelp reviews before buying a product or service.
  • The online review platform has approximately 20% fake reviews. 
  • As for user status, 60% of people on Yelp are college graduates. 
  • Advertisers are willing to pay anything between $0.30-$40 for each click on Yelp.
  • As for the site’s business rating, the average score is 3.78.
  • Online reviews on Yelp are trusted by 91% of consumers as much as family recommendations.
  • You may ask: what age group uses Yelp the most? According to Yelp statistics 2022, the platform’s users are mostly aged 18-34. 
  • As for the type of business industry, about 18% of customers review restaurants.
  • The platform charges $600 for every 1,000 impressions. 

Yelp Visitor Statistics

Man working on laptop and holding a smartphone
Yelp users utilize both their mobile devices and desktops to access reviews and see brand recommendations.

Like other online review platforms, consumers access Yelp through desktops and mobiles. But over the years, the use of mobile apps has grown popular because of their convenience and ease of use. Below are some of Yelp’s visitor statistics:

  • Of the total Yelp site visitors, approximately 90% are users from the United States. 
  • Though mobile apps have grown popular over the years, there are still 69 million monthly users accessing Yelp through their desktops.
  • Meanwhile, 77 million users are accessing the site via mobile apps. 
  • Globally, about 76 million monthly customers access Yelp websites, mobile applications, and platforms. 
  • There are about 205 million reviews posted on the platform by the end of 2019. This was a 20% increase from 2018’s 171 million reviews. 
  • Meanwhile, a 2021 Statista study showed that around 45% of online customers read reviews on Yelp before making a purchase.  
  • 35% of people searching for brand reviews on Yelp will visit the brand site they checked within 24 hours.
  • Moreover, visitors spend 3.39 minutes daily on Yelp’s page. 
  • If you’re on Yelp and you’ve uploaded a well-established social profile, you’ll likely be 10 times more prolific in terms of the number of submitted reviews than anonymous reviews. 
  • Overall, Yelp is the 74th most visited website in the United States. Countries like China and India also use Yelp, with their number of visitors accounting for 1.7% and 4.6% respectively. 

Business’ Revenue Statistics Based on Yelp Ratings

Graph showing increased revenue
What’s your target revenue? Try building up your presence on Yelp and achieve your goal effectively.

Yelp review ratings are one of the factors that affect a business’ revenue. A high rating means more customers trust your brand, therefore more customers purchase your product. On the other hand, poor ratings may affect potential customers’ perception of your brand, and skip your products even before trying them. 

Below is a showcase of revenue statistics based on customer ratings on Yelp:

  • Yelp reviews are generally positive. In fact, 71% of users would recommend the brand or service they reviewed.
  • Meanwhile, nearly 50% of reviews are five-star. 
  • You may wonder: what percentage of Yelp reviews are negative? As per Yelp statistics 2022, 16% of customers leave a one-star review.
  • Moreover, 22% wouldn’t recommend the brand or service they’re reviewing.
  • Yelp users saw a high increase of $1.1 billion in net revenue in 2019. 
  • In the same year, there was an increase in sales revenue coming from mobile applications (97%) and advertisements (91%). 
  • As per businesses on Yelp, every new star rating that they earn is a 9% boost in their revenue.
  • According to Yelp statistics 2022, 41% of local businesses depend on the platform to drive revenue. 
  • Meanwhile, 44% rely on social media to generate brand awareness.
  • Yelp’s total net revenue in 2020 was more than $870 million. 
  • When it comes to business segments, Home & Local has the highest advertising revenue at 44% in Q4 of 2020.  
  • This is followed by Other Streams at 20%, Restaurants at 11%, and Beauty and Fitness at 8%. 

Yelp Review Audiences Statistics

The online review platform is crowded by almost all age groups. Though most online shoppers belong to the younger generation, Yelp can cater to the requirement of older generations. The following facts and figures will prove Yelp’s popularity not only among Gen Z but also Millennials and Generations Y and X. 

  • As per Yelp statistics 2022, nearly 42% of Yelp users in the United States are aged 18-34.
  • 9% are above 55 years old.
  • Meanwhile, 37% are within the 35-54 age demographic.
  • When it comes to educational attainment, 4% of Yelp users are above degree qualification. 
  • On the other hand, 2% have a college education.
  • Talking about income, 34% of users on the platform have $50,000 or less annual income. 
  • A meager 38% have over $100,000 income per year. 
  • For Yelp categories, 23% is accounted for in the leading business category. 
  • Meanwhile, 19% is in the restaurant category.
  • 7% of reviews on Yelp were removed because of suspected objectives. 
  • On the other hand, 43% of Yelp reviews carry a 5-star ranking. 
  • Meanwhile, 14% bear a 1-star ranking.
  • As revealed in Yelp statistics 2022, there are about 26,000 reviews being published on the platform per minute. This data is taken from Yelp’s core demographics. 
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Mobile Statistics of Yelp Users

As mentioned above, most Yelp users access the app through their smartphones. It makes the search easier and provides audiences with all the information they need at their fingertips. Aside from being hassle-free, accessing Yelp on mobile is also stress-free. 

  • Around 92 million people on Yelp use its mobile app version to access reviews. 
  • Meanwhile, there are 36 million unique mobile devices with which the Yelp app is used. 
  • At the end of 2019, the platform saw a 72% increase in its reviews that were done through smartphones and mobile phones.
  • About 76% of advertisement clicks on Yelp were made from mobile phones, while searches accounted for 80%. 
  • In June 2019, 72% of all new reviews on Yelp were submitted via mobile gadgets.
  • Moreover, the Yelp app on Google Play Store has currently more than 50 million downloads or installs. 
  • Yelp has 3 mobile apps available on Google Play Store and App Store—Yelp Stickers, Yelp: Food and Services, and Yelp for Business Owners. 
  • Like any other business entity, Yelp has also seen a decline in its mobile app visitors during the pandemic. From 37.66 million in Q3 of 2019, the number substantially dropped to 29.61 million in Q4 of 2020. 

Purchase Statistics After Going Over Yelp Reviews

Man and woman looking at laptop screen
Happy customers purchase products from a single brand consistently. And sometimes, they’re influenced by positive reviews.

Yelp reviews play an important role in the popularity and promotion of a brand. Today, businesses rely heavily on review sites and social media for achieving success in their marketing campaigns and maintaining a good product image. Discover how Yelp has influenced users’ purchasing decisions through its reviews. 

  • In 2020, Yelp has acquired 205 million total reviews.
  • As per Yelp statistics 2022, 41% of businesses use reviews to generate more conversions, revenue, leads, and audiences. 
  • 50% of the total reviews on Yelp are about the top position brands. 
  • Meanwhile, 70% of Yelp reviews fall under the recommended category, and 22% of reviews were under the not-recommended category. 
  • 92% of Yelp users make a purchase after visiting the platform. 
  • Meanwhile, 82% of users purposefully go to Yelp when they intend to make a purchase. 
  • According to general statistics, 85% of consumers trust online reviews and refer to them to make decisions.
  • Meanwhile, five-star reviews get 25% more clicks than reviews with only three stars. 
  • Yelp is considered the second-best option for buying information, right next to Google. While Google has an average of 63% of customers visiting the platform before making a purchase, Yelp has 45%. 
  • The third buying option is TripAdvisor at 30%, while Facebook takes the fourth spot at 21%. 

Yelp vs Social Media Statistics

Studies show that Yelp users are also active social media users. In this regard, Yelp is also treated as a social network for brand and product information. See how Yelp is being linked to social media platforms. 

  • As per statistics, there are over 4 billion active social media users around the globe. Yelp, being viewed as a social site, has become a major source of information about products, brands, and services.
  • You may ask: is Yelp still relevant 2021? According to a 2021 study, Yelp is ranked as the top 10 social network in the United States.
  • Furthermore, Yelp statistics 2021 revealed that 12% of US consumers regularly use the platform, which is almost the same as TikTok. 
  • 78% of users on Yelp are regular social media users. 
  • Meanwhile, only 72% of people use social media platforms on a daily basis. 
  • 12% of Yelp users utilize the platform several times a week. 
  • On the other hand, only 3% visit it once a week. 
  • According to a survey, the people who use Yelp are small, local business owners and customers looking for a recommendation of places and brands. The same demographics are interested in social media. 

Top Reasons Why Consumers Recommend Brands and Businesses Online

Man holding a smartphone
A customer’s thumbs up and five-star rating are impacted by different factors.

Different consumers have different needs. And there are several reasons why a customer would recommend your brand and products online. In this section, we’ll focus on the top drivers for US customers to endorse a brand on Yelp.  

  •  77% of Yelp users recommend brands when they like the product. 
  • Meanwhile, 54% give a positive review to a company because of good customer service. 
  • 40% of Yelp users endorse the services and products when they can relate to the brand personally. 
  • On the other hand, 67% recommend the products and services when they like the brand.
  • 46% of Yelp users leave a positive review because of giveaways and special discounts.
  • Meanwhile, 36% endorse products to show support for their favorite brands. 

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Top Topics Discussed by Yelp Users

Percentage of businesses on Yelp by category
A quick look at the top business categories on Yelp based on the number of customer reviews and mentions. | Source: SaaS Scout

One of the best things about Yelp users is that they’re mostly outspoken and active compared to average social media users. Just like any online review platform, smart discussions take place on Yelp. 

  • About 56% of Yelp users talk about food and drinks. 
  • Meanwhile, vacation and travel topics are being reviewed by 43% of users on Yelp. 
  • 37% of Yelp users love discussing politics. 
  • On the other hand, 45% of the topics are about movies and series. 
  • Lastly, music is also a favorite topic by around 42% of Yelp users. 

A Note on Customer Management and Online Reviews

Customers make your businesses survive, and one way of maintaining them is by acquiring positive reviews online. Among many marketing strategies, word of mouth is still the most powerful. Even strangers are trusted by online shoppers, so long as the review is well-detailed. 

Fortunately, Yelp is an all-in-one platform that connects customers to local businesses and provides useful information at the same time. It competes well with Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, and Facebook Reviews, maintaining a good reputation since its inception. If you’re thinking that Yelp is dead, it’s nowhere near it. The platform is still consistently getting online reviews and additional users over the years. 

On the other hand, if you haven’t accessed Yelp yet, try installing it on your smartphone today. It’s especially helpful if you’re a traveler constantly looking for vacation places or just an ordinary individual who loves to eat at deli restaurants. 

Want to know how to reach more customers via mobile marketing? Read these “84 Mobile Marketing Statistics: 2021 Facts and Figures.”



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