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Auto Guru Westen Champlin Flexes Full Car Collection

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Westen Champlin is a household name in the automotive space of YouTube. The Kansas-based YouTube influencer creates YouTube content on all things transportation vehicles. He primarily reviews the performances of various car models, types, and brands. The automotive influencer grew up on a farm, allowing him to spend time with trailers and four-wheeled trucks, and resulted in a passion for vehicles. He started his career as an automobile YouTube influencer in March 2010 but only published his very first video about a car auction titled "$1000 AUCTION BUY for Ford F350 7.3L Powerstroke 4x4" in February 2019. In the same year, he uploaded his video, Westen Champlin, and gained online recognition because of his insights on trucks, especially Ford pick-up trucks. In addition to his primary YouTube channel, Westen Champlin manages another YouTube channel that focuses on repairing and rebuilding vehicles. On top of being a prominent YouTube influencer and vehicle guru, Westen Champlin runs an auto repair shop with his friend Dom. Westen Champlin stirred the auto fanatics of YouTube upon posting his latest video, which trended at #1 on the platform. The video titled "Full Tour Of My Car Collection (Over 25,000HP)" amassed over 27K likes and 700K views on its release date. The influencer's car collection wasn't as extravagant when he started his YouTube career. Four years into his YouTube career, the influencer has accumulated several pretty sick rides, and car enthusiasts are here for it. Although, don't mistake him for Supercar Blondie, as he is on an entirely different range. From school buses and pick-up trucks to smart cars, Westen Champlin has it all. In his 2023 car collection video, the influencer formally starts by drifting a cop car. We don't see that often, so we are for all his quirky car stuff. The video showcases all the vehicles he currently owns and ones he hasn't sold yet, amounting to a total of 29 vehicles. The influencer's most prized car possession is Smarty, a 2009 smart car off-road machine. He takes Smarty on the road most of the time. After flexing his electronic car, Westen proceeds to showcase an unusual yellow school bus he bought for $1800 at an auction. The moment Westen got his hands on the school bus, he drove it to pick up Granger Smith, a country music singer, and his band and went off-roading. Following the school bus, Westen showcases his 1988 fox body Mustang GT. The influencer bought the car because it has a front V8, rear-wheel drive, and a 5-speed manual transmission, making it ready to be converted into a drift car. After flexing his Mustang GT, he flexed his 2019 Ford Raptor pick-up car. He bought the Raptor in El Paso, Texas, at an insurance auction as the car crashed. However, it was such a good deal as only a portion of the driver's seat was shattered, but still with a perfectly working engine. Westen Champlin's elaborate car collection also includes a 2022 Ram 1500 TRX, 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and 1500 HP diesel Mustang, among others. The influencer mostly custom builds most of the cars he owns, improving their performance. If you want to see his full collection, go check the video while it's still trending.
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