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Beauty Influencer Sophiology Under Fire For Confusing ‘Christian BBL’ Term


Beauty influencer and Christian guru Sophiology faced criticism after undergoing a buttock augmentation procedure, commonly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. Despite being a vocal Christian and follower of Christ, Sophiology defended her decision in a YouTube video titled "I got a Christian BBL: Full story & why it's Trending," where she explained the concept of a "Christian BBL" and addressed the viral nature of the topic. Despite numerous celebrities and influencers joining the BBL craze, the beauty influencer faced intense backlash due to her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve her physical appearance, with the backlash coming from her Christian followers. Choosing a surgeon without considering their religious beliefs, Sophiology emphasized that the doctor's faith was irrelevant to the surgery. In the video, she expressed her belief that God was present during the entire procedure, further proving her Christian identity. Sophiology clarified that her procedure was technically a liposuction 360 with fat transfer to her hips, but due to public perception, she refers to it as a BBL. Unlike many celebrities who keep such surgeries private for fear of backlash, she chose transparency to maintain honesty with her viewers, given her reputation as a fashion, weight loss, and beauty influencer. Acknowledging that not all her viewers supported her decision, Sophiology admitted that getting the cosmetic surgery was deviating from God's design for her body but asserted her commitment to transparency. Despite expecting some backlash, the extent of criticism was more than what she anticipated, leading to concerns from her family about her mental health. The influencer knows that most of her followers and viewers are genuine Christians, so the backlash she received took her aback. Christians are expected to mimic God and be loving and merciful people. Facing judgment from her Christian followers was particularly hurtful to Sophiology, who had expected compassion and understanding. She clarified in her explanatory video that she never endorsed plastic surgery or claimed it was morally right; instead, she only aimed to share her experience with her followers. Enraged with the judgmental attitude, she decided to address the criticism, although sarcastically. While expressing love for her Christian followers, Sophiology decided to address and retaliate to those with a "holier than thou" attitude, asserting that everyone, as humans, sins, but God is loving and forgiving. She further emphasized that her relationship with God was private and not anybody's business. Sophiology knew just what to do to get rid of her judgmental viewers for good. In response to her judgmental Christian viewers, Sophiology came up with the term "Christian BBL" sarcastically, aiming to confront and remove them from her channel. Despite anticipating controversy on YouTube, she did not expect the topic to go viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Throughout the ordeal, she maintained that her intention was never to mock God. Many people took the term negatively, but Sophiology believes that her intention is right, and she sees no issue in what she did. Sophiology often leaves hate comments and backlash unattended, but what happened this time went too far and deserved to be addressed.
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