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Antrax’ Profile

Real Name: Nello Angel Villamar Carrillo
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: May 1, 1997 (Age, 27 years old)
Country: Mexico

Who is Antrax?

Nello Angel Villamar Carrillo, better known as Antrax, is a YouTube music and gaming influencer from Mexico whose channel is known for its musical parodies, as well as Minecraft and Roblox gameplays.

On May 2o15, Carrillo launched his Antrax YouTube channel with the inaugural video titled "Presentation - Who Am I? - Clash of Clans Anthrax." His first video was an introduction to who he is as a content creator and what viewers could expect from his YouTube channel. While the video is only a minute long, it has quickly gained traction, propelling the influencer into the limelight as one of Mexico's best content creators.

However, his succeeding videos failed to hit more than one million views despite his first video's hype. Nevertheless, Carrillo pressed on and uploaded a musical parody of the Latin American song El Taxi. The parody gained over one million views, and the overwhelming response from his viewers left him thinking whether the video's success resulted from his musical ability or the fact that it was a Clash of Clans-themed parody of a popular song.

Encouraged by the positive response, the influencer continued posting more musical content over the years, eventually gaining the confidence to start a professional career in music. In July 2018, Carrillo launched his second YouTube channel Yo Soy Antrax, dedicated to his music content.

In November 2019, Carrillo uploaded his most popular video, "La Partida," receiving over 10.2 million views. The video played a huge role in shaping and establishing the influencer's career as a professional musician and not just a mere troll artist who is only good at creating parodies.

Today, Antrax amassed 16.1M subscribers on YouTube, 8.5M followers on TikTok, 3.1M on Instagram, 810K on Twitter, and 596K on Facebook.

Antrax’ Awards and Recognitions

  • 2021 Kids' Choice Awards: Favorite Influencer (Latin America), nomination

Antrax’ Prominent Campaigns

Coca Cola Sponsorship

Coca Cola Sponsorship
Source: Official IG Account

Carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola collaborated with the influencer to promote the #CocaColaCreations League of Legends limited edition canned drinks with three LoL pins. The cans were boxed in intricately made LoL packaging. Aside from this campaign, Coca-Cola Mexico also sent the influencer to Argentina for its Real Magic event.

Xbox Sponsorship

Xbox Sponsorship
Source: Official IG Account

Xbox partnered with Carrillo to promote its PC Game Pass feature. The PC Game Pass offers a wide array of ready-to-play games players can choose from in one click, so they need not purchase external game drives or download game apps.


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